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Balance – Units

I’ve shifted from a naval mod to a more all-encompassing unit balance mod.

This mod is attempting the tricky task of balancing combat units. I’ve avoided this realm until now because it’s difficult to gauge balance without a competent opponent, and the tactical AI is currently rather poor. That said, I’ve seen a general feeling that horsemen are a little too strong and non-siege ranged units are somewhat underwhelming. Ironclads are rarely if ever built, other pre-destroyer ships are rather weak, and Tanks are somewhat weak compared to Mech Infantry.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. This is only a first iteration of the mod, and I’ll be altering things based on comments, if a change seems too much or too little.

This mod is available now in the Civ V Mod Browser (Main Menu > Mods > Browse Mods, search for ” thal “).


  • Horseman class
    (Horsemen 12 -> 11, CC 14 -> 12)
  • Archer, mounted-archer, and wooden ship class
    (Chariot Archer 6 -> 7, Crossbowman 12 -> 14, etc)
  • Chariot archer class
    Can move after attacking.
  • Ironclad
    +20% and strategic resource is now Iron.
    (18 -> 22)
  • Tank class
    (tanks 50 -> 55, Panzers 60 -> 65)

Here’s some detailed rationale about Ironclads and Tanks.

Like in previous incarnations of Civ, Ironclads are generally considered rather underwhelming, and few people ever build them. They conflict strongly with Factories, and are significantly worse than Destroyers, which follow soon after. With the changes from this mod, Ironclads have the following advantages and disadvantages compared to Destroyers:

  • New: same and
  • New: requires Iron
  • Cannot enter oceans
  • -4 speed
  • -3 visibility range
  • Cannot see subs

Mech Infantry are identical in strength and movement to Tanks in vanilla but require no resources and have no penalties. Mech Infantry are also available sooner now in Civ V, requiring about an equal amount of technological research as Tanks. With the mod, this becomes the comparison for Tanks:

  • Can move after attacking
  • New: +9%
  • Requires Oil
  • -40% vs cities
  • -1 visibility range
  • No defensive bonuses
  • Cannot be upgraded to from earlier units
  • Countered by Anti-Tank and Helicopter

2 responses

  1. juances

    All of your mods are really nice additions to the game.. keep it up!

    October 19, 2010 at 1:36 am

  2. Martell

    I’m not certain what the cause is, but after installing this, the counter for coal on the top bar disappeared. Possibly CivV only shows strategic resources up there when units use them?

    The archer line still feels somewhat extraneous for their price/power. Perhaps adding +1 range might help, though that might overpower them.

    Other than that, enjoying your work a lot =)

    October 20, 2010 at 4:34 am

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