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Balance – City Development created

City Development is focused on balancing things inside cities: buildings, wonders, and specialists. Each of these components is included in a separate XML file within the mod folder.

Some of the changes in recent weeks resulted in a lot of overlap and I sorted it out with these two categories, which is how I’ll be organizing things from now on (internal vs external).

(Merges Balance – Buildings & Wonders with Balance – Specialists & GP, and moved buildings here from Balance – Terrain Improvements.)

v. 4

  • Moved Specialists, Granary, Harbor, Research Lab, and Stable buffs to this mod (reason 1 reason 2).
  • Changed mod name from Buildings and Wonders to City Development.
  • Moved +1 Banana bonus from the Grocer to the resource itself, and renamed Grocer to Butcher (gives 2 and an additional +1 on each Cow, Deer, Sheep worked by the city).
  • Stable now gives +1 +1 on Horsesworked by the city.

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