Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


City Development v. 7

  • v7 and up are not backward compatible with savegames of v6 or lower (or saves without the mod installed). It’s best to update mods in-between finishing one game and starting the next. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
  • Building tooltips now indicate what specialists they provide.
  • Moved 1 Scientist Specialist from Library to the University.
  • Moved 1 from Colosseum to Stadium.
  • -15% Courthouse.
  • Trade route income changed to favor highly populated cities a little more.
  • These changes are part of a comprehensive approach to address concerns of balance between small and large empires (especially infinite city sprawl). I thought long and hard about this for several weeks, and there appears to be no way to completely address some balance issues with only the existing buildings. These will likely be the only “new” things added in any of my balance mods, as I want to keep things as close to vanilla as possible. Feedback on this is welcome (click here).
    • Aqueduct building for early food storage.
    • National wonders: Agra Fort (defense and merchants), Baths of Trajan (happiness), and Medici Bank (gold and merchants).

Combat v. 14

  • Changed name of mod from Units to Combat.
  • Paratroopers are now Recon class, can be upgraded from Scouts, and have double drop range.
  • Medic promotion is available after Survivalism/Scouting I for land units.
  • Bombard promotions replaced with Survivalism for Submarines.
  • Fixed a bug preventing promotion swapping from occurring.

Diplomacy v 3

  • A recent patch un-solved the exploitative nature of direct payments again, so I fixed it again in this mod.

Terrain Improvements v. 13

  • -1 on mined luxury resources.
  • Removed +1 Quarry bonus from Engineering.

Unofficial Patch v. 28

  • From collaboration with Attila, moved several top-bar user interface fixes to Attila’s Mods (included in the Balance – Combined download).

v 3

  • A recent patch un-solved the exploitative nature of direct payments again, so I fixed it again in this mod.



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