Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


I’m looking forward to the day we can simply have city defenses increase city hitpoints, instead of strength. It will be so much more effective and solve a lot of problems. Until we have c++ access though, just gotta try and make do with the current method. I tweaked a few defensive building strengths to try and keep them on the narrow line of balance.

Attila’s Mod v. 8

  • More concise and consistent top panel info matches the “turns to next tech” display, and fits better on some screen resolutions:
    • Turns to next policy.
    • Turns to next Great Person (and what type it will be).
    • Changed “HELP” button to a question mark.
  • Fixed a bug with golden age hover tooltip.
  • Strategic resources now display even if no units use it.

City Development v. 8

  • City-states no longer build the Agra Fort, Baths of Trajan or Medici Bank (city states aren’t supposed to build wonders).

Combat v. 15

  • Slightly reduced strength of Castles and Military Bases.

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