Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


As always, you can download all of these at once by clicking the download button at right. Like last week, remember it’s best to update mods between finishing one game and starting the next. 😉


Attila’s Mods v. 10 by Attila the Hun

  • Fixed a minor bug with turns-until-policy calculation.

City Development v. 9

  • Adjusted golden age durations (happiness 150%, great people 75%).
  • +1 for Fish with the Smokehouse
  • 2 Scientists.
  • Science specialist moved from University to Research Lab (2→1 and 1→2 respectively)
  • Buff to city defense maintenance moved to Unofficial Patch mod (part of next official patch).

Combat v. 16

  • Paratroopers ignore terrain cost.
  • Added two more promotion swaps: Mobility ↔ Range, and Charge ↔ Volley.
  • Removed Rocket Artillery from the -20% siege nerf, as it’s already significantly weaker than Modern Armor.
  • Melee mounted units have a penalty attacking cities.
  • Partisans mechanic added.
  • City-state capture mechanic added.

Copasetic UI Tweaks v. 3 by Cope

  • New mod added to the Combined package (link to mod page).
  • Fixes several bugs and missing information with the user interface.
  • Cope’s been gone for a while, so I fixed some compatibility issues between this mod and patch

Diplomacy v 4

  • Neutral, maritime and cultural city-states are less likely to request killing their neighbors.
  • Influence from completing quests significantly increased.

Harder Free Tech v. 2 by Perkus

  • New mod added to the Combined package (link to mod page).
  • Balances the “Free Tech” ability of Great Scientists.

Leaders v. 7

  • Ghandi: +66% from number of cities (was +100%).
  • Washington: -33% tile purchase cost (was -25%)
  • Alexander: Now befriends city-states instead of conquering them, to utilize his unique ability.
  • Lawmaker trait changed to 33%.
  • Ingenious trait changed to 50%.
  • Bazaar gives 35% gold (was 25%).
  • Mod renamed to Balance – Leaders.

Policies v. 7

  • Removed buff to Humanism.
  • Buffed Sovereignty.
  • Reduced power of Planned Economy for infinite city sprawl (ICS).
  • 1 free policy at each era, Utopia requires one additional tree.

Research v. 5

  • Increased late-game research times
  • Increased research pact wait time.
  • Updated readme and renamed mod.

Terrain Improvements v. 14

  • Fixed some issues with GP improvements. These should now always give a specific increase over the improvement they replace. In other words, building a Manufactory on a hex with a Mine should give +4 (post-engineering), regardless of if the hex is a resource or not.

Thal’s Utilities v. 1

  • New mod replacing Compatibility – InGame.xml. Required for using the other mods.

Unofficial Patch v. 29

  • Helicopter-specific “Ambush” promotion now works properly (it had no effect).
  • Helicopters no longer have a penalty attacking across rivers or from sea.
  • Cities heal more quickly (part of next official patch).
  • Buff to city defense maintenance moved here from City Development (part of next official patch).

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