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Archive for December, 2010


City Development v12

  • Updated Français translation.
  • Fixed an error with the National Treasury (missing specialist slots).
  • Buffed Forge production to 25% (was 15%).
  • Fixed Armory tooltip error.

Combat v19

  • Updated Français translation.
  • 1hp/turn base city healing  (was 2hp/turn)

Leaders v9

  • Updated Français translation.

Policies v8

  • Updated Français translation.

Terrain Improvements v16

  • Updated Français translation.

Mod Browser

I’ve been able to successfully upload the updated mods to the Civ V mod browser, we’re back in business!

Bug Fixes

City Development v11

  • Fixed error with Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower happiness.
  • Fixed error with Baths of Trajan prerequisite.

Combat v18

  • Moved promotion swapping to the Unofficial Patch.
  • Moved negative-attribute obsolescence to the Unofficial Patch (positive-attribute obsolescence is still only in the Combat mod).
  • Re-added upgrade paths for modern ships and planes.
  • Fixed error with Catapult/Trebuchet promotions.

Leaders v9

  • Fixed Longhouse discrepancy between this mod and the City Development mod.

Unofficial Patch v31

  • Moved promotion swapping here from the Combat mod.
  • Moved negative-attribute obsolescence here from the Combat mod.
  • Removed (included in patch
    • Angkor Wat affects all cities.

Problems with the Mod Browser

All my attempts at updating mods on the mod browser after patch have been denied without explanation. This is very worrysome, I have a post on the 2kgames forums asking about this. Until then, you’ll need to get the mods through the download button at right.

Patch Updates

City Development v. 10

  • Added Français translation (thanks Wurlf)
  • Added awesome new icons for Baths and Agra Fort made by Seek.
  • Fixed the Oxford University tooltip, it now correctly states scientists instead of engineers.
  • 50% building production Workshop.
  • 25% production Windmill.
  • 80% production Nuclear Plant and Solar Plant.
  • 50% land and air unit production Arsenal.
  • -40% Medical Labs (-20% in v1).
  • +1 -2 Opera House.
  • +1 Temple and Museum.
  • 2 Artists, 1 Artist moved from Temple to Broadcast Tower.
  • Reduced cost of a few gold buildings.
  • Removed changes: (included in patch
    • Medici Bank (new national wonder)
    • Baths of Trajan (formerly a new national wonder) is now a small modification of newly added Circus Maximus.
    • Library specialist nerf
    • Research Lab specialist buff
    • Watermill buff
    • Colosseum nerf
    • Stadium buff
    • Courthouse cost reduction
    • City Defense maintenance reduction
    • Forbidden Palace nerf
    • Kremlin (game now has better AI)
    • Ironworks production modifier
    • Per-city unhappiness increase
    • Per-population unhappiness decrease
    • Happiness-based golden age buff

Combat v. 17

  • Cavalry upgraded to Tanks now have the March promotion replaced with Repair (functionally identical).
  • Helicopters now can get the Logistics promotion, instead of Blitz (2 kills per turn, down from 7).
  • Ironclads now use Coal again, instead of Iron. There’s problems with changing this due to a bug in the game where it doesn’t check buildings (the factory) to determine if a resource is strategic.
  • -15% Archers.
  • Removed (included in patch
    • Horsemen and mounted units nerfed
    • Reduced flat land defense penalty
    • More units can upgrade
    • City Defense buildings better
    • Naval damage boost
    • Dynamite requires Military Science
    • Changes vs unit/city for Catapult and Trebuchet

Copasetic UI Tweaks v4

  • Patch compatibility for Lua files.

Diplomacy v 5

  • Removed (included in
    • Maritime nerf

Leaders v. 8

  • Ghandi: -25% from population (was -50%)

Policies v. 7

  • Removed (included in
    • Tradition policy gives %-based capital growth modifier
    • Landed Elite buff
    • Monarchy buff
    • Reorganized prerequisites of policies in the Tradition tree.

Terrain Improvements v. 15

  • Removed (included in
    • Natural Wonders yield buff.

Thal’s Utilities v. 2

  • Patch compatibility for Lua files.

Unofficial Patch v. 30

  • Fixed an issue where the city growth progress meter (internal city view) always showed as full.
  • Cristo Redentor tooltip displays the correct 25% policy reduction.
  • Removed (included in patch
    • With luck a Scout could turn into a Rifleman or better in the ancient era and wipe out a continent. Ancient Ruins can no longer provide such a dramatic tech leap.
    • Happiness calculation now includes garrisoned units (display bug only).
    • Fixed bug with pipes between techs (display bug only).
    • Floating Garden now correctly states it can be built adjacent to any fresh water.
    • Cities heal more quickly (part of next official patch).
    • Advanced Ballistics quote matches voiceover quote.

Patch Testing

I’ve uploaded a development testing version with preliminary changes to make these mods compatible with the latest official patch, where many of the changes in these mods have been included. Click the big blue button at right to download. For details please see the bottom of the first post here.

Please note this is a testing version, so stability or balance cannot be 100% assured. I’m providing it here for your convenience so the mods are at least somewhat playable after patch while further testing is done. If you find any errors or problems, please post on the feedback thread here most closely related to the problem you’ve identified.


Now that the weekend has come and I’ve familiarized myself with how the patch changes affect the game, I’m working on updating the mods to reflect these changes. I should have everything ready sometime this weekend.