Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Patch Updates

City Development v. 10

  • Added Français translation (thanks Wurlf)
  • Added awesome new icons for Baths and Agra Fort made by Seek.
  • Fixed the Oxford University tooltip, it now correctly states scientists instead of engineers.
  • 50% building production Workshop.
  • 25% production Windmill.
  • 80% production Nuclear Plant and Solar Plant.
  • 50% land and air unit production Arsenal.
  • -40% Medical Labs (-20% in v1).
  • +1 -2 Opera House.
  • +1 Temple and Museum.
  • 2 Artists, 1 Artist moved from Temple to Broadcast Tower.
  • Reduced cost of a few gold buildings.
  • Removed changes: (included in patch
    • Medici Bank (new national wonder)
    • Baths of Trajan (formerly a new national wonder) is now a small modification of newly added Circus Maximus.
    • Library specialist nerf
    • Research Lab specialist buff
    • Watermill buff
    • Colosseum nerf
    • Stadium buff
    • Courthouse cost reduction
    • City Defense maintenance reduction
    • Forbidden Palace nerf
    • Kremlin (game now has better AI)
    • Ironworks production modifier
    • Per-city unhappiness increase
    • Per-population unhappiness decrease
    • Happiness-based golden age buff

Combat v. 17

  • Cavalry upgraded to Tanks now have the March promotion replaced with Repair (functionally identical).
  • Helicopters now can get the Logistics promotion, instead of Blitz (2 kills per turn, down from 7).
  • Ironclads now use Coal again, instead of Iron. There’s problems with changing this due to a bug in the game where it doesn’t check buildings (the factory) to determine if a resource is strategic.
  • -15% Archers.
  • Removed (included in patch
    • Horsemen and mounted units nerfed
    • Reduced flat land defense penalty
    • More units can upgrade
    • City Defense buildings better
    • Naval damage boost
    • Dynamite requires Military Science
    • Changes vs unit/city for Catapult and Trebuchet

Copasetic UI Tweaks v4

  • Patch compatibility for Lua files.

Diplomacy v 5

  • Removed (included in
    • Maritime nerf

Leaders v. 8

  • Ghandi: -25% from population (was -50%)

Policies v. 7

  • Removed (included in
    • Tradition policy gives %-based capital growth modifier
    • Landed Elite buff
    • Monarchy buff
    • Reorganized prerequisites of policies in the Tradition tree.

Terrain Improvements v. 15

  • Removed (included in
    • Natural Wonders yield buff.

Thal’s Utilities v. 2

  • Patch compatibility for Lua files.

Unofficial Patch v. 30

  • Fixed an issue where the city growth progress meter (internal city view) always showed as full.
  • Cristo Redentor tooltip displays the correct 25% policy reduction.
  • Removed (included in patch
    • With luck a Scout could turn into a Rifleman or better in the ancient era and wipe out a continent. Ancient Ruins can no longer provide such a dramatic tech leap.
    • Happiness calculation now includes garrisoned units (display bug only).
    • Fixed bug with pipes between techs (display bug only).
    • Floating Garden now correctly states it can be built adjacent to any fresh water.
    • Cities heal more quickly (part of next official patch).
    • Advanced Ballistics quote matches voiceover quote.

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