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ModBuddy crash bug

When I went to go upload v5.0 to the mod browser, ModBuddy broke another of my GameSpy accounts, as first happened back in October. By accident I have conclusively identified what causes this problem. It happened again when I merged two mod projects into one project.

If a modder merges projects in the wrong direction, logging into the account crashes ModBuddy.

  • Merging project B into project A (A is now the primary mod) with the ID/Name of A works okay.
  • Merging project A into project B (B is now the primary mod) with the ID/Name of A breaks ModBuddy and crashes online services with that specific username.

I started out with my mods in separate projects, and gradually merged these projects over the past half year, so whenever I merged in the wrong direction ModBuddy broke. Thalassicus1, Thalassicus2, 3, 4, 5… gamespy accounts are all unable to log on to update or remove mods from online services. This is going to make things difficult. I’m moving over a new Thalassicus6 account. It will take me a while to resolve this issue and get a version up on the ingame Mod Browser, and I apologize for the delay.

However! V5.0 of the modpack can be downloaded as normal at the download button on right. Patch notes can be seen a few posts down. 🙂


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