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Since patch has rendered version 6.9 obsolete, I’ve removed that and replaced it with the beta version of 7.0. To download v7.0 beta please click the blue download button at right. Both the public and beta releases have been merged into one download.

Once I’m certain any critical bugs are fixed I’ll release v7.0 public. I estimate this will be done sometime this weekend if all goes well.

Beta patch notes are in the next post below.


Update: v7.0 Beta 25

Updated April 30 @ 8:44pm. Recent edits are starred.

As always, clear cache/moduserdata and start a new game when updating mods. For details and other vanilla-game bugs please see the Reporting Bugs thread. The patch notes are below. I’ll upload a general release once I’m sure any solvable critical errors are taken care of. These patch notes are not final and might have revisions before the general release.

City Development

  • Doubled gold income from Great Merchant trade mission.
  • Removed +2from Markets. (I feel it devalued Villages.)
  • Changed the purchase cost modifier of Monuments to the same value as other early buildings.
  • +50%naval production with Seaport (was on Harbor).
  • +1on sea resources with Seaport (was 2).
  • +1on water tiles with Harbor (was on Seaport).
  • Removed Merchant from Harbor.
  • *b19 Reduced cost of Sanitation tech.
  • Moved +1on Spices/Sugar back to Watermill (was there in February).
  • 1Watermill (was 2).
  • *b24 Reduced cost of Aqueduct back to vanilla value.
  • (Internal) Combined all yield functions (food, culture, happiness, etc) into a unified, generalized function chain. Treating yields the same is mainly a help for coding, greatly reducing the chance for errors, and I used it to fix a few bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where status was incorrectly using value for surplus food calculations in cities.
  • Fixed a bug when a settler is under production. It no longer includes the settler’s food-to-production conversion for “turns until complete” for other things on the production list.
  • *b19 75% of cities must have the prerequisite structure to build a National Wonder (was 80%).


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  • When a Maritime city-state is captured, food equal to 50 turns of alliance is distributed to your cities. This replaces the direct population boost. It’s similar to capturing a Cultural city-state now (culture equal to 50 turns of alliance).
  • Ships can now get the Siege promotion (+35% strength vs cities).
  • 4 sight range for Destroyer (was 5).
  • Removed land siege unit penalty vs ships.
  • Removed naval siege unit (SotL, Ironclad, etc) penalty vs land units.
  • *b15 Reduced Slaver damage to 6 (was 7) (first barbarian ship).
  • *b13 Destroyers no longer have the Demolish promotion.
  • Merged Charge and Amphibious promotions, to make the combined version more valuable.
  • I significantly improved the code that determines which promotions show by default over unit flags. I recommend deleting this folder so the game loads the new defaults:
    “My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\ModUserData”
  • Updated most small-size promotion icons for better visibility
  • Added original icons created by Seek for Desert Power, Arctic Power, Woodsman, and Guerrilla.
  • Promotions are now categorized like below. Nothing changed but the icons. This is just to make it easier to recognize which ones upgrade (earned and unique unit abilities):
    • Gold – upgrades with the unit.
    • Silver – attribute, doesn’t upgrade.
    • Red – penalty, doesn’t upgrade.
  • 50% more barbarian camps spawn, instead of 50% more per camp.
  • Increased the experience cap against barbarians to level 3 (was level 2).
  • *b19 Barbarian movement promotions are now based on the types of terrain within 5 tiles of where they spawn, and favor close terrain.
  • *b20 Redistributed strategic resources. There should be somewhat more aluminum and less horses than before.


  • Diplomats can now be purchased again (if using Gazebo’s highly recommended City-State Diplomacy mod with this one). The purchase modifier is about equal to buildings, so it’s a very efficient expenditure of money. The reason I did this is I feel the importance of gold is too low in the game right now.
  • Citystate borders expand 25% faster.
  • *b13 Cultural citystates now use a smooth per-era curve like Maritime citystates. This basically means they get an increase in every era, not just Medieval and Industrial. The values for Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial are unchanged.
  • *b13 Cities with a food focus are now sent more Maritime food than other cities.
  • *b19 If more than 50% of cities in the empire are on “avoid growth,” it has less effect on funneling Maritime food away from the city (cutoff was 80%).


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  • *b21 Added some more AI changes experimenting with ways to make leaders with military-focused unique traits more warlike.
  • Elizabeth: +2 Movement on water, and +15Experience for Naval units. (was only movement bonus)
  • Elizabeth: +2 on Luxury Resources with Steam Mill, and +25%production. (was 50% production) (Industrial Revolution started in the textile sector)
  • Genghis: +25% combat and capture bonuses vs City-States, and +1Movement for Mounted and Recon units. (was 30% combat, and mounted bonus)
  • Harun: Each luxury resource increases Gold income by 5%, and units ignore terrain cost in Deserts. (was +1per 8 citizens, and double oil supply)
  • Suleiman: Specialist yields increased by 1. (replaces +33% great people generation)
  • Washington: +1 sight for land units and -50% cost for purchasing tiles. (was land militaryunits and a 50% discount)
  • Gandhi: -25% from population and +1 per city. (was +2 per city)
  • *b13 Washington: +25% surplus with Pioneer Fort (was 50%)
  • *b23 Ramesses: War Chariots ignore terrain cost in deserts.
  • *b23 Nebuchadnezzar: Bowmen ignore terrain cost in deserts.


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  • Policies are now arranged from left to right. This is so the Medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial polices are each in one column. I personally find this arrangement more intuitive.
  • *b19 Shifted policy costs so early ones are less expensive, while total culture required for victory is still vanilla. This is achieved mainly because 6 trees are needed for victory, while vanilla required 5. See here for details: link.
  • Tradition
    • *b18 Aristocracy: +0.5 -0.5 per population in the capital. A Great Artist appears at the capital.
    • *b18 Monarchy: +20%for Wonders. A Great Engineer appears at the capital. (was only production bonus)
    • *b19 Swapped the names/icons of Aristocracy and Legalism.
  • Liberty
    • *b18 Meritocracy: +5 Happiness. +0.5Happiness in each connected city. (was a free great person)
    • Republic: 21 in every city (was 1, 1)
  • Piety
    • Theocracy: -20% in non-occupied cities (was -25%).
  • Honor
    • Honor: +20%production for military units, and reveals new Barbarian camps in explored territory. (was a barbarian combat bonus)
    • Warrior Code: +1for Great Generals and a Great General appears at the capital. (was only a free GG)
    • Spoils of War: You plunder Gold from killed units, and Culture from captured cities.
    • Military Caste: +12in garrisoned cities. (was 1 happiness)
    • *b23 Discipline: +20% adjacent to a friendly military unit (was 10%).
    • Professional Army: -50% Upgrade cost for units. +25% Production for military buildings. (Defense, experience, unit production.)
  • Commerce
    • Commerce: +10% Gold and starts a Golden Age.
    • Mercantilism: -25%Purchase cost for units and buildings.
    • Guilds: +1 from Specialists. +1 Movement for non-combat units.
    • Merchant Navy: +1 Movement and +1 Sight for ships. +2 Production in coastal cities.
    • Patent Law: +2 Gold on Villages. +4Gold on Fishing Boats and Customs Houses.
    • Monopolization: +1 Happiness for each Luxury resource, including surplus copies.
  • Rationalism
    • Rationalism: A free Great Scientist appears at the capital.
  • Freedom
    • *b23 Democracy: +50% and a Great Person of your choice appears at the Capital.
    • *b23 Universal Suffrage: +25% Defense for all cities. +25% Production for constructing buildings with at least one specialist slot.
  • Autocracy
    • Autocracy: +50% Experience from combat, and new units receive +15Experience. (was in the Honor tree)
    • Militarism: -30% Gold cost for purchasing and maintaining units. (moved maintenance modifier from Autocracy opener)

Terrain Improvements

  • Moved freshwater village gold bonus to Optics, up from Compass.
  • 7Customs House improvement from Great Merchants (was 6).
  • Deserts now receive more resources.
  • 3Incense (was 2) (often appears in desert).
  • 2Gems (was 3) (Gems are improved by Mint, unlike vanilla).
  • Krakatoa is now always near a coastline (used to appear in non-accessible ocean most of the time).


  • *b13 Fixed bug with Arabia’s gold trait.
  • *b13 Fixed bug with England’s experience for ships.
  • *b14 Fixed bug with research turn estimates.
  • *b15 Fixed bug with diplomatic missions.
  • *b16 Fixed bug with citystate rewards.
  • *b17 Fixed another bug with citystate rewards.
  • *b18 Updated several autotips, and added support for a few of the more obscure building stats used in some World Wonder mods.
  • *b19 Fixed a bug where several policies weren’t correctly giving great people.
  • *b20 Changed a few things for compatibility with Gazebo’s City-State Diplomacy.
  • *b23 Fixed a bug where the Landmark was incorrectly reducing gold on the plot.
  • *b23 Updated AI for policies.
  • *b23 Updated AI for warfare.
  • *b24 Updated mod for compatibility with patch
  • *b25 Additional AI warfare adjustments.

Update: v6.9

  • Food is properly transferred to settlers when building a settler.
  • Collective Rule improves both food and production for settlers (was only production).

Update: v6.8

  • Fixed a critical bug with food distribution. Surplus food modifiers and Maritime food distribution should now work correctly.

Update: v6.7

  • Keshik experience gain promotion is no longer lost on upgrade.
  • Desert Power, Arctic Power, and Guerrilla promotions are not lost on upgrade.
  • Ships can get the Scouting line of promotions.
  • Caravels have Extra Sight 1 (was 2).
  • Seaport requires Harbor.
  • Shifted Warlord through Deity up one level in difficulty.
    (Warlord is Prince, Prince is King, etc. Deity is a new difficulty above the old Deity level.)
  • Unit experience bar shows progress on current level instead of total.
  • Added notice on top bar Great Person tooltip for “Next great person: Xgpp”. This replaces the /X for individual listings, reducing clutter since that number is identical for all standard great people.

Update: v6.6

  • Fixed a bug where Arabian Great People did not receive the Desert Power promotion.
  • Fixed a bug where human units were considered AI units for difficulty-based XP bonuses.
  • Fixed some bugs for barbarian and AI unit creation (bonuses were applied multiple times).
  • Clarified terrain-movement promotion tooltips. Woodsman, Desert Power, etc make units ignore movement costs on those terrains, not double movement as vanilla indicates. The main difference is when crossing rivers.

Update: v6.5

  • Barbarians now start with one of four movement promotions specific to the terrain around their starting position.
  • Fixed a bug where Arabian settlers and workers were not receiving the same trait bonus as military units.
  • Volley, Formation, Charge, and Siege now each provide a 35% combat bonus against their respective combat classes (were 40, 25, 25, 30).

Update: v6.4

  • Germany: Defeated barbarians surrender instead of dying. (replaces old trait)
  • Germany: Captured Ancient/Classical era barbarian units upgrade to Landsknecht.
  • Arabia: Double movement speed in Desert.
  • Arabia: Removed double oil supply.
  • Desert and Snow cost 2.
  • Added the Barbarians! mod (by Mentos) to TBC.
  • Added the Ship of the Line for all leaders, a Renaissance “battleship.”
  • Rebalanced all ship strength and movement values.
  • Naval upgrade paths redesigned:
    • Trireme → Caravel → Frigate → Destroyer
    • SotL → Ironclad → Battleship → Missile Cruiser
  • Increased high-end building maintenance costs.