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Update: v7.0 Beta 25

Updated April 30 @ 8:44pm. Recent edits are starred.

As always, clear cache/moduserdata and start a new game when updating mods. For details and other vanilla-game bugs please see the Reporting Bugs thread. The patch notes are below. I’ll upload a general release once I’m sure any solvable critical errors are taken care of. These patch notes are not final and might have revisions before the general release.

City Development

  • Doubled gold income from Great Merchant trade mission.
  • Removed +2from Markets. (I feel it devalued Villages.)
  • Changed the purchase cost modifier of Monuments to the same value as other early buildings.
  • +50%naval production with Seaport (was on Harbor).
  • +1on sea resources with Seaport (was 2).
  • +1on water tiles with Harbor (was on Seaport).
  • Removed Merchant from Harbor.
  • *b19 Reduced cost of Sanitation tech.
  • Moved +1on Spices/Sugar back to Watermill (was there in February).
  • 1Watermill (was 2).
  • *b24 Reduced cost of Aqueduct back to vanilla value.
  • (Internal) Combined all yield functions (food, culture, happiness, etc) into a unified, generalized function chain. Treating yields the same is mainly a help for coding, greatly reducing the chance for errors, and I used it to fix a few bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where status was incorrectly using value for surplus food calculations in cities.
  • Fixed a bug when a settler is under production. It no longer includes the settler’s food-to-production conversion for “turns until complete” for other things on the production list.
  • *b19 75% of cities must have the prerequisite structure to build a National Wonder (was 80%).


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  • When a Maritime city-state is captured, food equal to 50 turns of alliance is distributed to your cities. This replaces the direct population boost. It’s similar to capturing a Cultural city-state now (culture equal to 50 turns of alliance).
  • Ships can now get the Siege promotion (+35% strength vs cities).
  • 4 sight range for Destroyer (was 5).
  • Removed land siege unit penalty vs ships.
  • Removed naval siege unit (SotL, Ironclad, etc) penalty vs land units.
  • *b15 Reduced Slaver damage to 6 (was 7) (first barbarian ship).
  • *b13 Destroyers no longer have the Demolish promotion.
  • Merged Charge and Amphibious promotions, to make the combined version more valuable.
  • I significantly improved the code that determines which promotions show by default over unit flags. I recommend deleting this folder so the game loads the new defaults:
    “My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\ModUserData”
  • Updated most small-size promotion icons for better visibility
  • Added original icons created by Seek for Desert Power, Arctic Power, Woodsman, and Guerrilla.
  • Promotions are now categorized like below. Nothing changed but the icons. This is just to make it easier to recognize which ones upgrade (earned and unique unit abilities):
    • Gold – upgrades with the unit.
    • Silver – attribute, doesn’t upgrade.
    • Red – penalty, doesn’t upgrade.
  • 50% more barbarian camps spawn, instead of 50% more per camp.
  • Increased the experience cap against barbarians to level 3 (was level 2).
  • *b19 Barbarian movement promotions are now based on the types of terrain within 5 tiles of where they spawn, and favor close terrain.
  • *b20 Redistributed strategic resources. There should be somewhat more aluminum and less horses than before.


  • Diplomats can now be purchased again (if using Gazebo’s highly recommended City-State Diplomacy mod with this one). The purchase modifier is about equal to buildings, so it’s a very efficient expenditure of money. The reason I did this is I feel the importance of gold is too low in the game right now.
  • Citystate borders expand 25% faster.
  • *b13 Cultural citystates now use a smooth per-era curve like Maritime citystates. This basically means they get an increase in every era, not just Medieval and Industrial. The values for Ancient, Medieval, and Industrial are unchanged.
  • *b13 Cities with a food focus are now sent more Maritime food than other cities.
  • *b19 If more than 50% of cities in the empire are on “avoid growth,” it has less effect on funneling Maritime food away from the city (cutoff was 80%).


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  • *b21 Added some more AI changes experimenting with ways to make leaders with military-focused unique traits more warlike.
  • Elizabeth: +2 Movement on water, and +15Experience for Naval units. (was only movement bonus)
  • Elizabeth: +2 on Luxury Resources with Steam Mill, and +25%production. (was 50% production) (Industrial Revolution started in the textile sector)
  • Genghis: +25% combat and capture bonuses vs City-States, and +1Movement for Mounted and Recon units. (was 30% combat, and mounted bonus)
  • Harun: Each luxury resource increases Gold income by 5%, and units ignore terrain cost in Deserts. (was +1per 8 citizens, and double oil supply)
  • Suleiman: Specialist yields increased by 1. (replaces +33% great people generation)
  • Washington: +1 sight for land units and -50% cost for purchasing tiles. (was land militaryunits and a 50% discount)
  • Gandhi: -25% from population and +1 per city. (was +2 per city)
  • *b13 Washington: +25% surplus with Pioneer Fort (was 50%)
  • *b23 Ramesses: War Chariots ignore terrain cost in deserts.
  • *b23 Nebuchadnezzar: Bowmen ignore terrain cost in deserts.


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  • Policies are now arranged from left to right. This is so the Medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial polices are each in one column. I personally find this arrangement more intuitive.
  • *b19 Shifted policy costs so early ones are less expensive, while total culture required for victory is still vanilla. This is achieved mainly because 6 trees are needed for victory, while vanilla required 5. See here for details: link.
  • Tradition
    • *b18 Aristocracy: +0.5 -0.5 per population in the capital. A Great Artist appears at the capital.
    • *b18 Monarchy: +20%for Wonders. A Great Engineer appears at the capital. (was only production bonus)
    • *b19 Swapped the names/icons of Aristocracy and Legalism.
  • Liberty
    • *b18 Meritocracy: +5 Happiness. +0.5Happiness in each connected city. (was a free great person)
    • Republic: 21 in every city (was 1, 1)
  • Piety
    • Theocracy: -20% in non-occupied cities (was -25%).
  • Honor
    • Honor: +20%production for military units, and reveals new Barbarian camps in explored territory. (was a barbarian combat bonus)
    • Warrior Code: +1for Great Generals and a Great General appears at the capital. (was only a free GG)
    • Spoils of War: You plunder Gold from killed units, and Culture from captured cities.
    • Military Caste: +12in garrisoned cities. (was 1 happiness)
    • *b23 Discipline: +20% adjacent to a friendly military unit (was 10%).
    • Professional Army: -50% Upgrade cost for units. +25% Production for military buildings. (Defense, experience, unit production.)
  • Commerce
    • Commerce: +10% Gold and starts a Golden Age.
    • Mercantilism: -25%Purchase cost for units and buildings.
    • Guilds: +1 from Specialists. +1 Movement for non-combat units.
    • Merchant Navy: +1 Movement and +1 Sight for ships. +2 Production in coastal cities.
    • Patent Law: +2 Gold on Villages. +4Gold on Fishing Boats and Customs Houses.
    • Monopolization: +1 Happiness for each Luxury resource, including surplus copies.
  • Rationalism
    • Rationalism: A free Great Scientist appears at the capital.
  • Freedom
    • *b23 Democracy: +50% and a Great Person of your choice appears at the Capital.
    • *b23 Universal Suffrage: +25% Defense for all cities. +25% Production for constructing buildings with at least one specialist slot.
  • Autocracy
    • Autocracy: +50% Experience from combat, and new units receive +15Experience. (was in the Honor tree)
    • Militarism: -30% Gold cost for purchasing and maintaining units. (moved maintenance modifier from Autocracy opener)

Terrain Improvements

  • Moved freshwater village gold bonus to Optics, up from Compass.
  • 7Customs House improvement from Great Merchants (was 6).
  • Deserts now receive more resources.
  • 3Incense (was 2) (often appears in desert).
  • 2Gems (was 3) (Gems are improved by Mint, unlike vanilla).
  • Krakatoa is now always near a coastline (used to appear in non-accessible ocean most of the time).


  • *b13 Fixed bug with Arabia’s gold trait.
  • *b13 Fixed bug with England’s experience for ships.
  • *b14 Fixed bug with research turn estimates.
  • *b15 Fixed bug with diplomatic missions.
  • *b16 Fixed bug with citystate rewards.
  • *b17 Fixed another bug with citystate rewards.
  • *b18 Updated several autotips, and added support for a few of the more obscure building stats used in some World Wonder mods.
  • *b19 Fixed a bug where several policies weren’t correctly giving great people.
  • *b20 Changed a few things for compatibility with Gazebo’s City-State Diplomacy.
  • *b23 Fixed a bug where the Landmark was incorrectly reducing gold on the plot.
  • *b23 Updated AI for policies.
  • *b23 Updated AI for warfare.
  • *b24 Updated mod for compatibility with patch
  • *b25 Additional AI warfare adjustments.

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