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Update: v7.2.3 Beta

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7.2.3 Updated June 7 2011 @ 6:29am CST

City Development

  • 250 University (was 200)
  • 500 Stock Exchange (was 600)


  • Citystate units receive terrain-specific promotions similar to Barbarians.
  • The militaristic citystate capture bonus matches the redesigned alliance bonus. (2 units with era-adjusted experience, selected from units the captured city can build).
  • 30 3Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Guns (was 32/2).
  • Changed the name of the “Recon” combat class to “Support.”
  • Reduced the anti-unit bonus for several counter units with defensive promotions:
    • 25% bonus for Anti-Mounted I promotion (was 50%).
    • 50% bonus for Anti-Mounted II, Anti-Air, Anti-Helicopter, and Anti-Tank promotions (was 100%).
  • Added the Explorer, an intermediate support unit between Scouts and Lancers. Explorers are available with Optics and useful for:
    • Healing with the Medic promotion.
    • Protecting vulnerable units from counterattack.
    • Improving flanking bonuses.
    • Scouting out threats.


  • Genghis: Mongol Terror increases the experience of conscripted units from captured militaristic citystates by +25% (previously gave +1 unit).
  • Genghis: Removed the +25% bonus vs citystates (now has only the capture and movement bonuses).
  • Genghis: Keshiks no longer spawn Great Generals faster.
  • Elizabeth: Longbows start with Indirect Fire and -1 sight range.
  • Wu Zetain: +10% Paper Maker.
  • Wu Zetain: Art of War increases only the spawn rate of Great Generals (was rate and effectiveness).


  • Oligarchy’s experience bonus now scales with game speed.
  • Representation no longer requires Collective Rule.
  • Capturing a city with Spoils of War:
    • Shows a notification instead of an alert.
    • Rewards culture based on the population of the captured city, instead of by era. (both adjusted for game speed).
    • Displays the culture after empire modifiers like Opera Houses are considered (previously displayed culture before modifiers).

Terrain Improvements

  • The Rock of Gibraltar, Barrier Reef, and Krakatoa appear closer to decent city sites.
  • Replaced happiness yields on natural wonders with other yields, since the AI does not seem to recognize happiness yields:

  • Players with very good terrain (plains, grassland, and floodplains) now have a somewhat shorter spacing between capitals, while players with poor terrain (desert, tundra, marsh) have more room to expand. This existed somewhat in vanilla, but the accuracy of the terrain ratings are improved, which adds more variety in spacing.


  • Peaceful AIs start with a few extra workers on higher difficulties, while warlike AIs start with extra warriors. (Previously all AIs started with extra workers and warriors.)

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