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Update: v7.2.4 Beta

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7.2.4 Updated June 11 2011 @ 12:43am CST


  • Increased the cost of Optics to the same as the other Classical techs.
  • More barbarian camps spawn, especially on maps with lots of islands.


  • Non-land units rewarded from militaristic citystates start with half as much XP.


  • A.I. leaders are more likely to be “Afraid” of strong opponents.
  • Alex: Hoplites start with the Phalanx promotion with +50% vs Melee, Archer, Mounted, and Support units.
  • Alex: 7 Hoplites (was 10).
  • Askia: Mandekalu Cavalry start with the Siege promotion.
  • Elizabeth: 11 on luxury resources with a Steam Mill (was 2/2).
  • Ramkham: 40% bonus for all three types of citystate rewards (was 50% for only maritime/culture).
  • Wu Zetain: Reverted Paper Maker to vanilla stats.
  • Wu Zetain: Great Generals see 2 tiles farther, spawn faster, and provide a 30% bonus (was faster spawn and 20% bonus).


  • Landed Elite requires Legalism (was Aristocracy).
  • Monarchy requires Oligarchy (was Aristocracy).
  • Representation: Each city increases the culture cost of policies by half the normal amount (was 66%).


  • Improved the visual quality of several custom notifications.
  • Swapped the AI personalities of Elizabeth and Darius (England now goes for world domination and Darius aims for science victories).
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the “citystate influence” stat for buildings (used in some mods) (thanks Moriboe!).

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