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Update: v7.2.8 Beta

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7.2.8 Updated June 14 2011 @ 3:14am CST


  • Scouting 3 promotion heals the unit every turn (like March).
  • 50% defense with Survivalism 2, and 25% with Survivalism 3 (was 50%/50%) (Survivalism 3 still provides healing too).
  • Renamed Explorers to Militia.
    Moved them to Metal Casting.
    Reduced movement speed to 2, but gave them Ignore Terrain.
    The most common infantry throughout the early medieval period were subsistence farmers obliged to fight for the local lord in the feudal system. Militia forces were often organized by guilds or districts, with officers and banners. In many European countries serfs were required to perform around 45 days of military service per year without pay, typically during a time  when they were not required for agriculture.
    Militia were usually unarmored and fought with basic equipment like axes, spears, and shields. In some circumstances they brought and maintained their own equipment, while at other times they were outfitted by the lord or king they fought for. Militia were poorly equipped, but the lower skill and resource requirements also make militia easier to replace than the aristocratic Knights (represented by militia’s healing bonuses through promotions).


  • Alex: +50% vs Melee and Mounted units with Phalanx promotion (was melee, mounted, archers and support).
  • Alex: 5 Companion Cavalry (was 4).


  • Ships of the Line and Militia now have more appropriate selection sounds.
  • Unit rewards from militaristic citystates can immediately pick a promotion if they have enough experience.
  • Fixed a bug blocking militaristic unit rewards.
  • The partisan notification now correctly displays after capturing small cities.

One response

  1. scarscape

    For some reason when I use this mod, AI keeps spamming military units like crazy. For once in “Pointiest sticks” I had about 800 score and AIs about 14000. Happens only with this mod.

    June 15, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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