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v7.2.9 Beta

These are the changes from 7.2.8 to 7.2.9. I’m releasing it as v7.3 non-beta, however, and will be posting the patch notes within an hour.

7.2.9 Updated June 15 2011 @ 10:06pm

City Development

  • Increased the purchase costs modifier of units and buildings.


  • Approximately +100% maintenance for military units. Maintenance now considers both production cost and combat strength (was only influenced by production cost)
  • Half maintenance for air and support units.
  • Added a wait time for when barbarians can attack civilized territory. It ranges from turn 40 on Prince to turn 0 on Deity (was always turn 0). This is similar to the “animals” period in Civ 4.
  • 6 barbarian archers (was 7).
  • 50% Anti-Cavalry promotion for Lancers (was 100%).
  • Adjusted AI priorities for siege units.
  • Militia now upgrade to Musketmen (was Lancers).


  • Napoleon: Moved the Foreign Legion bonus to Musketeers.
  • Napoleon: Foreign Legions cost 25% less than normal (replaces foreign lands bonus).Ā  The method of recruitment was historically their defining characteristic.
  • Isabella: Close and distant national wonders now provide the same finder’s gold. Close natural wonders give gold earlier and include a possibility of settling nearby, so there’s no need to amplify the close-NW advantage further (previously was a 500% bonus for close NWs).


  • 20% Purchase Cost of units and buildings with Mercantilism (was 25%).

Terrain Improvements

  • Size-3 strategic resource deposits now show the “heavy deposit” art.
  • Increased the scattering of strategic resources by 20% (more deposits of a slightly smaller size on average).


  • With mutual open borders, 2% of the combined gold of both players adds to Gold Income every turn.

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