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The 7.2 beta cycle is complete, with the public release of v7.4 out now. Click the blue download button at right to get the release.

As always, clear cache/moduserdata and start a new game when updating mods. Civ 5 has several bugs when using mods, to avoid these please see the Common Problems List. Version 7.4 includes a few final changes to the main v7.3 patch (see the next post down). Yes I’m a perfectionist. 😉

June 16 2011 @ 11:04am CST

City Development

  • 2 Merchant slots in Banks (was 1).
  • Removed the Agra Fort.


  • Increased the wait time for when barbarians can attack civilized territory. It ranges from turn 60 on Prince to turn 0 on Deity (40-0 in v7.3, and 0-0 in vanilla). This is similar to the “animals” period in Civ 4.
  • Added the 10% bonus vs barbarians back into the game.
  • Units with Arctic Power move faster in tundra and snow (was only snow).
  • 5 Scouts (was 4).
  • Militia no longer ignore terrain cost.
  • Scouting promotions:
    1. +1 sight and ignores terrain cost.
    2. +1 movement and can traverse ice and mountains.
    3. +1 sight and heals every turn.


  • Corrected bugs on the Survivalism 2 and 3 tooltips.
  • Minimum of 1 per mutual open border trade bonus.
  • Strategic resources can no longer appear on Natural Wonders.
  • Fixed a bug with terrain checks close to the horizontal world-wrap boundary. One obvious symptom of this was Barbarians spawning with terrain promotions that didn’t match their surroundings. The bug affected these areas of the game:
    • Barbarian and Citystate promotions.
    • A.I. turn-1 starting units.
    • Natural Wonder placement.
    • Strategic resource placement.

One response

  1. Core Xii

    Your mod’s been broken since 2.3.
    7.2.8 worked fine.
    7.3 crashed Civ entirely, every game I tried to play, sometimes when I moved a unit next to a city.
    7.4 sometimes freezes the game when I end my turn; The cursor spins and music plays but nothing else works.
    I always clear the temporary data when updating and the only other mod I have is InfoAddict.

    June 16, 2011 at 10:50 am

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