Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v7.8 Beta

I’ve done a 2nd pass through the mod adapting it to patch (first pass is v7.7 further down).  Click here for details on which parts of the mod are now in the vanilla game. Please check the Common Problems list before playing.

If you encounter a crash to desktop, click here to visit the thread on that topic.

The mod download is a beta version that should provide basic compatibility with post-patch vanilla. I started a new game, placed a city, started production on a scout and moved a warrior. This all worked and the user interface seems to be working. I haven’t had time to test past that yet so there might be other post-patch compatibility issues later in the game. If you encounter any problems please click here to report the problem.

v7.8 Updated June 29 2011 @ 1:34pm CST


  • Updated all German translations for TBC. Thanks Wolfi!


  • Position of Militia and Pikemen swapped on the tech tree.
  • Pikemen upgrade to Musketmen (was Riflemen).
  • 90 Militia (was 100) (matches vanilla change to Pikemen).
  • +25% Defense for Militia (was 0) (matches Pikemen).
  • -25% ranged strength for Chariot Archers.
  • Chariot Archers can move after attacking once more.
  • Increased city hitpoints back to 30 (was 25).


  • AI units can now see 1 tile further on King/Emperor, and 2 tiles further on Immortal/Deity.


  • Building tooltips now display the new effect types from patch (free building, research agreement bonus, etc).
  • Melee, ranged, and support promotions now all have equivalencies between one another. This means a support unit upgraded to a melee unit will have support promotions replaced with melee promotions. (Was only melee <-> ranged equivalency.)

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