Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


I’m unable to upload new mods to the mod browser for now. Firaxis figured out what the problem was, it’s fixed, and within a week or two the fix will probably be available so I can upload again. Until then please download the mod from the download button at right.

Version 8 seems to be stable and bug-free enough to take it out of beta. I will use this version as a baseline for adjusting balance from this point onward. With so much now included in vanilla from this mod, I feel these aspects of the game are tremendously improved from a year ago:

  • Units
  • Buildings
  • Wonders
  • Terrain improvements
  • City placement and development
  • Policy generation balanced between all playstyles (conqueror / small empire / peaceful expansionist)

Several things remain as improvements in this mod:

  • Strategic resource are placed much better.
  • Combined-science research agreements auto-adjust difficulty for “runaway” games.
  • Annexation is more valuable.
  • Citystate types are equally valuable and distribute their bonuses better.
  • Leaders are balanced and more fun.
  • Coastal cities and ships are more important.
  • Some minor adjustments to policy balance.
  • The unofficial patch improves the interface in several ways, such as building tooltips and promotions over unit flags.

Everything but policies are just about done in TBC, so policy balance will be my main priority in the weeks ahead. 🙂



Updated June 30 2011 @ 11:24pm (GMT-6)


  • Reverted strength of Warriors to vanilla.
  • +25% Defense for Scouts.


  • +2 and +5% for buildings with Republic (was 1 and 5%).
  • -25% maintenance for buildings with Socialism (was 15%).
  • +0.5 for each city and -5% from population with Meritocracy (was 1 and 5%).


  • Reverted to the 5% combined research method for Declarations of Friendship (click here for the reason).


  • Updated the Lancer tooltip.
  • The Tradition tooltip now displays its finisher.
  • The Professional Army tooltip now displays the correct unit upgrade modifier.
  • The United Front tooltip now displays the modified effect.
  • Honor now correctly gives the barbarian combat bonus.
  • Military Tradition has the correct icon now.
  • Corrected an error on the Eiffel Tower tooltip.
  • Human units no longer get the AI handicap bonuses.
  • Military Caste no longer provides double the intended culture from garrisons.
  • +15 XP for sea and air units with a Japanese Dojo (matches patch change to Barracks).

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