Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


City Development

  • Observatory requires a mountain in cultural borders within 2 tiles (was 1 tile).


  • +10% strength for Swordsmen and Horsemen.
  • Scouts now receive tech, culture, or other such rewards from Ancient Ruins in place of an upgrade.


  • Rearranged several policies and effects in the Tradition, Commerce, and Rationalism trees.
  • +3 with Tradition (was 2).
  • Removed the Great Artist from Legalism.
  • Free Speech now gives +1 on Villages and Moai (was unit maintenance reduction).
  • Each of the three playstyles (tall, wide, conquest) now enhance defensive buildings in a unique way.


  • World wonders that also count as a second building type now meet the prerequisite for national wonders that require the second building type.
  • Barbarian units now correctly use strategic resources like their normal counterparts.
  • Reduced the ranged strength of the Barbarian Archer and Chariot. These weren’t reduced properly in v8.0 due to a rounding error.
  • Porcelain Tower and Rationalism now correctly affect research agreements.

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