Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


City Development

Click Here for details of the effects of early world wonders.

  • 5 and a free Library with Great Library (was 3 science, free library, and free tech).
  • 5 and a free Garden with Hanging Gardens (was 10 food).
  • 8 +1 on sea tiles with Colossus (was 5/1).
  • 4 +25% duration with Chichen Itza (was 4/50%).
  • +25% work speed and a free Settler with the Pyramids (was 25% and worker).
  • Free Great Merchant with the Great Lighthouse (plus other effects).
  • Free Military Academy with Brandenburg Gate (plus other effects).
  • The Porcelain Tower no longer gives a free Great Scientist (only a RA bonus).
  • +25% production Factory (returned to pre-patch value).
  • 100 Forge (returned).
  • 180 Seaport (returned).
  • +1 on sea resources with a Harbor (was +1 on water tiles) (same as vanilla).
  • Reverted Harbor and Seaport maintenance costs to vanilla.


  • -25% Maintenance for military ships.


  • Iroquois units no longer ignore terrain cost in forests and jungle (replaced by the Mohawk buff).


  • Rearranged the Autocracy tree.


  • Trade Unions now reduce route maintenance as intended, instead of increasing it.
  • Temporarily lowered policy costs until the vanilla policy-finisher bug is fixed (finishers add to future policy costs).
  • Fixed a mistake on citystate bonus tooltips.
  • Landsknecht now have their 50% cost reduction again, as intended.

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