Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


City Development

  • Brandenburg Gate provides +15 XP for units trained in all cities (was 1 great general).
  • Great Wall provides 1 great general (in addition to other effects).


  • Ancient Ruins now upgrade Spearmen to Militia (was Pikemen) (lower maintenance).


  • Suleiman: Governance gives +1 for Artists and +2 for Merchants (was +1 food and +1 gold).


  • Returned the name of Tradition policies to vanilla, to alleviate confusion between vanilla and the mod.
  • Aristocracy: +2 for each National and World Wonder, and +10% production while constructing National and World Wonders (was a free Great Engineer and 10% for national and world wonders).
  • Meritocracy: +1 for each Connected city and +25%  from trade routes (was 0.5 happy)
  • Moved the per reduction from Meritocracy to the Liberty finisher.
  • Moved the free Great Person from the Liberty tree to the Freedom tree.
  • Freedom
    • Rearranged policies in the Freedom tree.
    • Free Speech: +1 for each Specialist (was 1 culture on villages and moai).
    • Universal Suffrage: +10% City defense and +1 for each Defense Building (was 25% city defense and 25% specialist building construction rate).
    • Constitution: +50% Great Person creation rate and 1 free Great Person of choice (was 2 culture on Wonders).
  • Nationalism: +10% attack in friendly territory and +1 for Smithies and Factories (was 25% attack bonus)


  • Building tooltips now update to show yield changes from policies.


  • Fixed a bug where the “Victory Progress” option did not show on the diplomacy corner menu.
  • The Trapping tech tooltip now shows the correct information.
  • Research Agreement income now displays correctly on the top bar tooltips.
  • Updated the Dojo, Pioneer Fort, and Sanitation System to match some patch changes to their non-unique counterparts.
  • Changed the placeholder icons for some units and buildings that don’t have an icon yet.

2 responses

  1. TimHunter

    There seem to be a lot of culture and happiness bonuses, reasons for?
    Plus, I feel that some Leaders don’t have enough of a feel to differentiate them from other Leaders (Washington, Sulliemen) or a just useless
    Other than that, the policies, tech tree and units are a lot more fun and balanced in my opinion!

    July 8, 2011 at 12:51 am

    • The mod has stronger happiness restrictions than vanilla overall. For example, cities have been at 3 unhappy per-city for half a year in this mod, and vanilla finally adopted this as well.

      Culture is close to vanilla now too. The latest vanilla patch picked up some things from the mod… like the culture cost exponent. It used to be policy costs increased at a rate of x^1.7, while the mod used x^2. Vanilla has taken this approach now too. The reason culture is more available in the early game (and harder in the late game) is 6 out of 10 policy trees are unlocked by the start of the Medieval era. Most policies are available in the early game, so it makes sense for more culture to be there too. Click here for details, in the policy cost thread.

      I feel relatively sure vanilla will continue coming closer to the mod in the months ahead.

      July 8, 2011 at 3:15 pm

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