Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


The pace of policy changes will probably slow down now, as I feel they’re in a decently balanced state of post-patch adjustments.


  • Meritocracy: +5 happiness, and +0.5 per city (was +20% trade route income and +1 happy per city).
  • United Front: +0.5 production in every city from each City-State ally, and +0.25 from each friend.
  • Nationalism: +20% attack in friendly territory and +20%  from domestic trade routes.
  • Planned Economy: -25% maintenance for buildings.
  • Socialism: +1 +10% from Smithies and Factories.
  • Renamed several Freedom policies. (The actual effects have not moved in their positions on the tree.)
    • Free Speech increases culture.
    • Constitutions defend citizens.
    • Democracies create Great People faster.
    • Universal Suffrage makes people happier.


  • Corrected the tooltips for several policies.

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