Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


Updated for patch 348.

City Development

  • Reduced early game purchase costs.
  • 100 cost 3/resource Mint (was 120 and 2).
  • 150 cost Bank (was 200).
  • 400 cost Stock Exchange (was 600).
  • +1 Market, Bank, and Stock Exchange (were 0).
  • +2 city-center tiles (were 1).


  • Renamed some Tradition and Liberty policies for improved realism.
  • Changed the Honor finisher back to 25% of the defeated unit’s cost (reverted to v7.5) (was 100% of melee strength). Unit strength increases a lot in the late game, while unit cost is more evenly balanced.

Terrain Improvements

  • 6 Customs House (was 4).
  • Re-introduced modern era great person improvement bonuses from technologies.


  • Moved the position of the unit flags of stacked units.


  • Fixed the obsolete-tech of Scouts and Spearmen.
  • Barbarian Slavers upgrade to Caravels (was Frigates).

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