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Since it’s been officially announced the game core will be accessible to modders, I included some bug fixes for submarines and stables to prepare for this.

The downside is some units will not play attack animations. This is purely a visual problem and should have no gameplay impact (things like Bismark’s trait appear to work properly). We’ll hopefully be able to fix this graphical problem when we get core access. If you encounter any actual gameplay problems as a result of this, please Report the Bug.


v8.6.9 Updated July 16 2011 @ 8:54 CST


  • 5 Palace (was 2).
  • 50 cost Archers (reverted to v7.5) (was 40).
  • 60 cost Chariot Archers and War Chariots (reverted to v7.5) (was 55).
  • Caravels, Frigates, and Destroyers start with Scouting 1 (was +1 Sight attribute).
  • Units with Scouting II can explore territory without Open Borders.
  • Ranged units no longer have a strength penalty attacking ships (I’d prefer a damage penalty both ways, but this isn’t possible with our current tools).

City Development

  • All units heal every turn with theĀ Pentagon (in addition to other effects).
  • 500 cost Hagia Sophia (was 300).
  • 1 Notre Dame (was 3).
  • 4 6 Great Library (like 2 free Scientists) (was 5/1).
  • Oxford University no longer gives fixed (only free tech and sci/pop).
  • +1 Harbor and Seaport (was 0).


  • Merchant Navy: +1 for Coastal Cities and Naval Buildings (moved 1 prod from policy to base city & buildings) (was 0 for cities and 2 for buildings).
  • Honor Finisher: Rewards 20% of defeated unit cost (was 25%).
  • Organized Religion: Reverted to vanilla.
  • Mandate of Heaven: Half of surplus Happiness adds to Culture, and -25% Happiness required for Golden Ages (was 100/0).

Terrain Improvements

  • 5 Iron per player territory (click here for details) (was 4).


  • Increased the attack animation speed of fighters, bombers, and guided missiles. I left nuclear weapons at the very slow vanilla speed because they’re rare, and it’s more dramatic to watch them inexorably flying to their target.
  • Stables improve production of mounted units, as indicated in the tooltip (was only melee mounted units).
  • Removed the “Bombardment” promotions from Submarines. Subs cannot attack land, so a vs-land bonus is somewhat useless.

2 responses

  1. dj

    There any reason TBC updates aren’t showing up in the ingame mod browser any more? The latest version on there is 76 from 28/06. It’s a lot easier to keep up-to-date if it’s in there. Great mod, though, Sid should give you a job!

    July 16, 2011 at 3:38 am

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