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I’m still unable to upload to the Mod Browser due to the crash bug, so please use the download link at right.

I’ve updated the documentation pages for the City Development and Combat parts of the mod, and Seek and I are working on the rest. See these pages by hovering over the menus at the top of the site. We’re revising each page to be more easily readable, with less exact numbers or extraneous information. (If you need the numbers in more detail, they can be seen in the game or mod files.)

We’re also adding “last updated” dates for each documentation page, so you can know where to start reading patch notes to catch up.

Update: It turns out the installer crashes when a mod has an empty sql file. If you encountered this bug please update to .14, where I believe I’ve fixed the problem.

v8.6.14 Updated July 20 2011 @ 02:33 CST (GMT-5)

City Development

  • Balanced out specialist slots so 8 are available for each specialist type (engineers have some exceptions since many of their buildings require situational conditions).
  • Christo Redentor: +1 for all specialists (was -10% policy costs).
  • Kremlin: Doubles current influence with all citystates (in addition to other effects).
  • 120 cost +2 gold Mint (was 100, 0).


  • Ship tooltips are now more helpful and accurate.
  • Removed naval promotions redundant with the Scouting line.
  • Charge promotion:
    • +25% vs wounded units (was 35%)
    • +1 movement (was 0)
    • Can attack across rivers or from the sea without penalty (unchanged).
  • Added the “Hunter” promotion:
    • Available to ships after the first tier of other naval promotions
    • +25% vs wounded units
    • +1 movement


  • Harald: 18 2 Berserkers (was 16, 3) (reduced base movement since their Charge promotion now provides +1).
  • Kame: 7 Maori Warriors (was 6).
  • Kame: 2 base culture Moai Statues (was 1).
  • Ramkham: +10% Wat (was 0).
  • Wu Zetain: +3 Paper Maker (was 2).


  • Landed Elite: +20% Surplus food in all cities, and +2 food for defense buildings (was 4 food in capital, 2 food for defense).
  • Monarchy: +2 for each National or World Wonder, and +20% while building Wonders (was 3, 15%).
  • Tradition Finisher: All cities gain +1 per 5 and +15% Food (was 1 per 10, 10%).

Terrain Improvements

  • In tundra, Deer always appear in Forest.


  • Increased the maximum influence displayed on the influence bar of allied citystates to 200 (was 120).
  • Gold from mutual open borders always displays, even if zero (to show the possibility exists).
  • Fixed a bug with the vanilla GlobalExperience building attribute (used for the Brandenburg Gate).

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  1. Damian

    Have interface bug 😦

    July 20, 2011 at 6:01 am

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