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I’ve also posted my thoughts on specialist economies (click here).

City Development

  • Stonehenge instantly expands the city border to the 3rd ring and gives 1 2 (was 6 culture and 1 GE point).
  • 5 and 1 policy with Oracle (moved some culture here from Stonehenge) (was 3 culture and 1 policy).
  • 6 3 Hanging Garden (was 5 food and free Garden).
  • +25% cost Porcelain Tower, and gives a free Great Scientist again.


  • +25% cost and maintenance of Knights.


  • Gandhi: 40% storage Sanitation Systems (was 20%).
  • Gandhi: -20% from population (was 25%).
    (I’ve found Gandhi’s late-game happiness usually outpaces growth.)
  • Elizabeth: 14 Longbows (was 15).


  • The Tradition finisher now correctly gives +15% in all cities.

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