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City Development

  • Angkor Wat: +50 with every city-state (was -25% border expansion costs).
  • Chichen Itza: +4 and +25% duration (was 0 happiness, 50% goldenage).
  • Kremlin: Minimum 2-tile border radius for every city, plus -25% border expansion costs (was defense and a citystate influence bonus).
  • Sydney Opera House: 2 free policies and 1/turn (was 1, 4).
  • Cristo Redentor: +2 for Artists (was 1 culture for every specialist).
    (These two late world wonders come so close to the end of the game, unless they are powerful there’s not enough time for them to be worth the investment in hammers.)
  • Monastery: 2 maintenance (was 0), and can be built in any city.
  • Mint: Can be built in any city.


  • Renamed Militia to Vanguard, to more accurately represent their role in open warfare.
    The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. The word Vanguard originates with the medieval French avant-garde, “the ward in front.” The vanguard derives from the division of a Medieval European army into three battles or wards: Van, Main, and Rear. The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line.
  • Scouts and Vanguard receive a combat bonus when supported by a friendly military unit. Click Here for details.
  • 4 Scouts (was 5).
  • 9 Vanguard (was 10).
  • 13 Swordsmen and Horsemen (were 12).
  • Anti-Air and Anti-Tank guns are regular Melee units again (were Support).
  • Reduced the fortification bonus to 10|20|30% (was 20|40) (the A.I. rarely uses it).


  • Mohawk Warriors are resource-free again.


  • Swapped the happiness/gold on Professional Army (now focused on gold) and the Honor finisher (now gives happiness).
  • Finishing Honor additionally gives +1 in each Puppet State.
  • Swapped the happiness/culture on Organized Religion (now gives culture) and Free Religion (now gives happiness).
  • Swapped Secularism and Free Thought.
  • Constitution: +10% City Strength and +1 for each Specialist (was city strength and 3 culture per defense building).


  • Fixed a bug causing Aristocracy to give +2 to Puppet States.
  • When using only CiVUP, Great Scientists use the vanilla tech selection method.
  • The Pentagon correctly heals all units every turn (was only healing land units).

3 responses

  1. baro

    Hey Thal, did you ever figure out what’s making your mod not work in the map editor? I generally like to play my own custom maps as I find my self constantly starting over when depending on the random map generator, but for some reason when making a random map within the generator, no STRATEGIC resources appear. I’m not sure why in-game random maps generate properly (although the last map I played had no coal for some reason) but when I generate a random map within the editor they don’t.

    July 30, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    • I’m not sure how the world editor works exactly when it comes to random resource generation, but I have it on my todo list. 🙂

      August 3, 2011 at 6:24 am

  2. baro

    Here’s the log if it helps at all.
    The world size is Small
    Map Script: Generating Map
    Map Script: Generating Plot Types (Lua Continents) …
    Map Script: Setting Plot Types (MapGenerator.Lua)
    Map Script: –
    Map Script: *-* ERROR: Formation type of 9 for island group# 6 unable to find an open space. Switching to single-cell.
    Map Script: –
    Map Script: ** Number of Island Groups produced: 11
    Map Script: –
    Map Script: Setting coasts and oceans (MapGenerator.Lua)
    Map Script: Expanding coasts (MapGenerator.Lua)
    Map Script: Generating Terrain (Lua Continents) …
    Map Script: Setting Terrain Types (MapGenerator.Lua)
    Map Script: Map Generation – Adding Rivers
    Map Script: Map Generation – Adding Lakes
    Map Script: Adding Features (Lua Continents) …
    Map Script: Creating start plot database.
    Map Script: Dividing the map in to Regions.
    Map Script: Map Generation – Dividing the map in to Regions
    Map Script: Choosing start locations for civilizations.
    Map Script: Map Generation – Choosing Start Locations for Civilizations
    Map Script: Normalizing start locations and assigning them to Players.
    Map Script: Placing Natural Wonders.
    Map Script: Placing Resources and City States.
    Map Script: Map Generation – Assigning Luxury Resource Distribution
    Map Script: Map Generation – Placing City States
    Map Script: Map Generation – Choosing sites for City States
    Map Script: Map Generation – Placing Bonuses
    Map Script: –
    Map Script: – STRATEGIC Resources –
    Map Script: – Iron….: 0
    Map Script: – Horse…: 0
    Map Script: – Coal….: 0
    Map Script: – Oil…..: 0
    Map Script: – Aluminum: 0
    Map Script: – Uranium.: 0
    Map Script: –
    Map Script: ——————————-
    Map Script: Map Generation – Adding Goodies
    Map Script: ——————————-
    Map Script: Determining continents for art purposes (MapGenerator.Lua)

    July 30, 2011 at 4:26 pm

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