Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v9.1.4 Beta


  • Introduced two new units to finish the Vanguard Class (for a total of 5 units now).
    Click Here for details.
  • Redesigned the naval reconnaissance promotions.
    The third rank of this line allows healing outside friendly territory (unchanged) but the ship must stand still and heals +2/turn (like the old Supply promotion).
  • Submarines now have only Targeting 1-3, Recon 1-3, and Hunter promotions (removed Survivalism). The healing bonus is available with Recon 3, and the defense bonuses were largely redundant with Targeting’s defense boosts.
  • Barbarians and citystate units can now pillage without losing movement points.

City Development

  • 2 4 4 4 for the mountain tile Machu Picchu is built on (was previously 5 gold on the wonder itself).
  • 1 50% Gardens (edible plants) (was 0, 50).
  • Returned Chichen Itza to v9.0 stats.
  • 1 turn cooldown on using a Great Scientist to research a technology (was 10 turns).
  • Buildings that improve the culture of a resource now improve the tile directly.


  • Roman Legions: 14 120 cost and Cover I (was 15, 90, and no promotion).
    Click Here for my thoughts on Legions.


  • Fixed a vanilla bug where Courthouses gave +3.


  • Angkor Wat should give influence now.
  • Fixed AI build priorities for Angkor Wat and the Kremlin.
  • Research Agreements should now work correctly for those using only CiVUP.
  • Merchant Navy gives the correct amount of production.
  • Organized Religion and Free Religion have properly swapped effects.
  • The plot mouseover tooltip now correctly shows the defense modifier if basic tooltip help is enabled. (Thanks ricardojahns!)
  • Fixed a bug causing unhappiness-per-city to be higher than intended.
  • Deer should, finally, at last always have something to eat in tundra (forest tiles). I’ve tried doing this three times now and hopefully it worked this time. 😀

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