Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v9.1.11 Beta

v9.1.11b Updated August 4 2011 @ 17:41 CST

City Development

  • A.I. leaders can now annex cities.
  • v.11 8 default happiness (was 11).
  • v.11 500 cost for first happiness Golden Age (was 600).
  • v.11 5 Forbidden Palace (plus normal effects).


  • Swapped the mountain-traversal and embarkation withdrawal effects on the Recon promotion line, for Vanguard Class units.
  • v.6 Scouts ignore terrain but have no inherent sight bonus, while later Vanguard units have a sight bonus and do not ignore terrain (scouts unintentionally had both in v9.1.5). Details.
  • v.9 Moved all-terrain traversal to Recon 2 (was recon 1).
  • v.9 Moved combat withdrawal to its own promotion, Skirmish (was on recon 2).
  • v.10 Renamed Paratrooper to Soldier, and replaced references of “paradrop” with “airlift,” to more accurately represent how most modern army soldiers internationally deploy. (changed in v.11)
  • v.10 +35% vs Vanguard units with a new promotion, Suppression. Details.
  • v.10 -25% cost Pikemen.
  • v.10 +5% for Longswords and Muskets, and adjusted the strength of Vanguard units accordingly. Details on how Vanguard strength and cost are calculated, under “The Plan” section. (removed in v.12)
  • v.10 Returned the fortification bonus to 20%/40% (was 10/20/30). The AI does use the Volley promotion effectively, so I realized the change wasn’t really necessary.
  • v.11 Swapped the roles of Mech Infantry and Paratroopers (renamed Rangers). Details.


  • v.11 1 2 for Colosseums with the Honor finisher (replaces 1 for defense buildings).
  • v.11 2 for defensive buildings with Tradition finisher (replaces 1 happiness per 5 population).


  • v.8 Created 6 new icons for the Ranger and Guerrilla promotions.


  • Fixed a problem causing Courthouses to always be buildable.
  • v.7 Minutemen are now correctly buildable.
  • v.8 Moved which icons are used for several promotions.
  • v.9 Skirmisher base strength is now the intended 15.
  • v.10 Again moved which icons are used for several promotions.

2 responses

  1. Hey Thal, played a game all the way to industrial age with the latest version of your balance mod (I deleted cache and previous version don’t worry), but still no research agreements. keeps saying we don’t have the required tech, philosophy.

    August 3, 2011 at 9:14 am

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