Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • Moved Caravels to Compass (Astronomy still unlocks deep-ocean travel). Click for details.
  • Pikemen obsolete at Metallurgy (was Gunpowder).
  • Swapped the Destroyer and Battleship positions on the tech tree. (All “elite” units are now on the militaristic lower-half techs.)


  • +1 for Defensive Buildings.
  • +15% for Archery Units with the Temple of Artemis (was only non-mounted archers).


  • New building effects (like Stonehenge) should now work properly.
  • Scaled up city healing, and damage of forts and citadels to match other changes to damage, health, and healing.
  • Revised the description of puppet-vs-occupation benefits.
  • Improved the display of current influence with citystates, and added a line showing the influence of the best rival for the citystate.

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