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There’s several recent polls up on the project forum:



  • The Recon 1 promotion no longer ignores borders.
  • Moved the +1 sight bonus of Vanguard units to the first rank of their 3 main promotion lines.
  • Renamed Rangers to Airborne.
  • Swapped the names and graphics of Mech Infantry and Airborne.
  • 75% maintenance for Air, Sea, and Vanguard units (was 50%, 66%, 66%)
  • Infantry require both Rifling and Replaceable Parts.

City Development

  • +2 on Customs Houses with Mercantilism (was Patents).
  • +2 on Academies with Secularism.
  • +2 on Manufactories with Constitution.
  • +2 on Landmarks with Free Speech.
  • Moved 1 specialist slot from each of these buildings (one slot remains):
    • Merchant: National Treasury → Mint
    • Engineer: Heroic Epic → Blast Furnace
    • Engineer: Foundry → Smithy
    • Scientist: National College → University
    • Scientist: Oxford → Public School
    • Artist: National Epic → Monastery
    • Artist: Hermitage → Opera House


  • 3% combined from Research Agreements (was 5%).
  • 1% combined and from mutual open borders (was only gold).


  • Purchasing buildings in cities should work properly now.
  • Fixed a vanilla bug with purchase costs. Vanilla rounded twice while calculating costs, resulting in lower values than indicated by the internal settings.
  • The AI should now build Vanguard units more appropriately (these units were missing “flavor” priorities).
  • Reduced the AI flavor priority of Mints to a value closer to Markets.
  • Corrected a typo in the Khan’s healing promotion.
  • Corrected misspellings of “capital” as “capitol” in the America and Harun civilopedia texts.
  • Corrected misspelling of “Inca” as “Incan’s” in the Terrace Farm civilopedia text.
  • “Best Rival” citystate influence now shows “Unmet Player” if we have not met the player.

2 responses

  1. oddball600

    I installed this latest version and started as catherine but was unable to leave the first turn because it wouldn’t let me build anything? it only seems to be with this latest version.

    August 23, 2011 at 10:18 am

    • Please look over the Common Checklist. It’s likely something there will solve your problem, but if not, follow the instructions on the checklist to report the problem you’re having. 😉

      August 23, 2011 at 7:31 pm

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