Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • Lancers upgrade to Tanks.
  • Embarked units die in 3 hits (was 1).
  • Units with Blitz drop to 1 movement point after the first attack (if they lack the “Attacks Use 1 Move” promotion).


  • Turtle Ships now start with the Recon 1 promotion, like Caravels.


  • Tradition: +2 in the Capital (was 3).
  • Tradition finisher: No longer improves happiness.
  • Representation: +1 in connected cities (was 0.5).
  • Liberty finisher: +25% production constructing buildings with one or more happiness (was -5% unhappiness from population).
  • Professional Army: Each kill salvages 15% of killed unit cost (was 20%).
  • Communism: +2 on Villages (was +10% building production and +2 production per city).
  • Order Finisher: +2 of every yield in every city (was +1).


  • The city view displays more concise information on the right panels. (Added by Sneaks)


  • Purchase cost modifiers now work correctly (Protectionism and Big Ben).
  • Mech Infantry and Airborne have the correct combat classes.
  • Turtle Ships now correctly unlock at the same tech as Caravels.
  • Happiness from Taj Mahal is no longer limited by population (consistent with other world wonders).

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