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Archive for September, 2011



  • Added a science bonus for AIs based on difficulty level, and reduced other AI bonuses. Details


  • Fixed a rounding bug with unit purchasing.
  • Fixed a bug with building purchasing that caused purchases in new cities to fail.
  • Fixed a load/save bug with citystate unit rewards.
  • Fixed a bug with city yield updates.
  • Disabled the load game button on the ingame menu (loading from within an active game breaks all mods with lua code).
  • Disabled the quick combat advanced game option (it breaks all mods that detect combat).

GotVEM Game 2

2:20pm : Game 2 of the GotVEM is postponed to ensure a production bug discovered this week is fixed (Details). I’ll post an update in 3 hours, around 6pm CST (UCT-5).

5:50pm Update: I’m still working to solve the problem, and will post another update in 3 more hours.

6:12pm Update: I’ve found and fixed the problem. I’m going to do some testing over the next day, and Game 2 of the GotVEM will begin tomorrow, October 1st at approximately 3pm.

v109 General Release

Aside from any unforeseen last-minute bugfixes, 109 will be the version for Game 2.


  • Bombardment: +10/10/15% vs Land Units (was 20/20/20).
  • Targeting
    • 1: +10 vs Naval Units and +1 sight.
    • 2: +10 vs Naval Units and +1 move.
    • 3: +15 vs Naval Units and +1 sight.
  • Naval Recon
    • 1: +1 sight, can heal in unowned territory.
    • 2: +1 move, can heal in enemy territory, can traverse ice.


  • Stonehenge: +3 (was free Temple).


  • Tradition no longer erroneously gives the old +15% base food effect.


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Sept. 23 Friday

  • Beta update.
  • GotVEM Game 2 start location announced.

Sept. 28 Wednesday

  • Beta deployed as v109.

Sept. 30 Friday

  • GotVEM Game 1 concludes @ midnight.
  • GotVEM Game 2 begins.

Oct. 1 Saturday

  • GotVEM Game 2 spoiler thread #1 opens.

Oct. 3 Monday

  • GotVEM Game 2 spoiler thread #2 opens.

Oct. 1-7th

  • Results from Game 1 announced sometime this week.

v108.6 Beta


  • Scouts can upgrade to Archers from ruins again.
  • Libraries are now lost in captured cities.


  • Adjusted the city creation & development A.I.
  • Fishing expeditions can travel over ice.
  • 90 cost 3 production Watermill (was 120/2).
  • +1 for Machu Picchu.


  • Educated Elite: Each citystate friend and ally contributes GP points to an empire-wide pool, and when the pool is filled a random Great Person appears at the capital. Details


  • Added the capability for buildings or wonders to boost the culture of sea tiles (like Lighthouses and Harbors do for other yields).


  • The National Epic correctly has +25% culture again.
  • City focus correctly works to redistribute food or culture from citystates.
  • Fixed a bug with policies that award free buildings.
  • Fixed a rounding error with purchasing, where buildings sometimes displayed as available to purchase when funds were actually not available.
  • Updated the Fort tooltip to display the correct 2 damage to nearby enemies.

v108.4 Beta


  • Fixed bugs with buildings that add culture to resources. They can be purchased again, and acquiring resource tiles near one of these buildings adds culture to the resource.
  • Gold modifiers from buildings and puppet states are no longer counted twice.
  • Estimated time until the next militaristic citystate reward rounds up, instead of down.
  • Opera Houses correctly give +50% culture again.

v108.3 Beta


  • Mounted units can now cover their horses with armor to protect against ranged attacks.
  • Targeting: +10/10/15% vs Wounded and Naval units (was 20/20/20% vs ships). Details
  • Removed the Hunter promotion from naval units (+25% vs wounded and +1 movement).


  • Added some support for a new “Law” yield for modmods.


  • Unit upgrades now work correctly.
  • Detection of newly constructed buildings works again.
  • Fixed a bug with city banners that caused several issues between turns.
  • Sejong’s science from buildings/wonders trait effect now works again.
  • Fixed a bug causing free buildings from wonders to be counted twice for National Wonder prerequisite requirements.