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v106.4 Beta


  • Captured cities lose 1-3 population (was always 2) and spend half as much time in resistance. Click for details.


  • Tradition: 3 in the Capital (was 2).
  • Moved the border expansion bonus from Tradition to Ceremonial Rites.
  • Monarchy: +10% construction for Wonders (was +20% construction).


  • v.4 Rebalanced Natural Wonders to 8 total yield per wonder.


  • Fixed a problem where captured cities occupied immediately.
  • The Monarchy policy now works correctly.
  • Rationalism correctly gives a free Great Scientist.
  • Fixed a bug preventing tech reward popups from showing.
  • v.4 Fixed a typo with the Pottery tech cost.

2 responses

  1. semper1985

    Hi Thal. First off, my congratulations on your incredibile mod. I wouldn’t be playing CiV if it weren’t for you.

    Straight to the point: I’d just downloaded this beta, and ran into a very strange bug. After capturing a city,

    1. the city keeps losing one citizen per turn;
    2. after resistence ends, the city turns into “occupied” without my consent, and you can’t seem to be able to determine the assignment of your citizen, either;
    3. because of step 1., the city ends up with 1 citizen and – I can’t explain why – in stagnation. Basically, i have to raze it and build up another one;

    (All this happens with capitals, too).

    By the way, after i re-loaded my saved game, my capital was “puppeted” (?) and the last city i conquered, which was still in resistence, became “occupied” – with the obvious drop in happiness.

    Lastly, let me mention that I tried both in-game and from the main menu: no difference.

    No mods other than CivWillard, cleared cache and moduserdata before installing the new beta.

    Hope it can help.
    Bye and thanks again.

    September 3, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    • This problem should be fixed in v106.7 beta.

      September 5, 2011 at 7:50 am

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