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v106.7 Beta

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  • Captured cities resist for a number of turns equal to their post-capture population, up to a maximum of 20 turns (previously depended on pre-capture population and had no maximum).
  • Reduced terrain defense modifiers by approximately 10%.
  • Archers and Mounted Archers have -50% attack strength against Ships.


  • Great Merchant trade missions give 2000-4000 (Medieval-Modern) (was 1800-2700).


  • Swapped the effects of Piety and Organized Religion.
  • Moved the border expansion bonus from Ceremonial Rites to Landed Elite.
  • v.7 Monarchy: Returned the wonder production bonus to 20% (was 10%).
  • Ceremonial Rites: Ensures a free culture building in your oldest 5 cities (was 4).
  • Representation: Returned to 0.5 per city (was 1).
  • Mandate of Heaven: 100% of surplus Happiness adds to Culture, and -50% Happiness required for Golden Ages (was 100/0).


  • +1 from mining Coal (was 2).
  • +1 from fishing boats on Whales and Pearls (was 0).


  • Updated Sneaks’ Custom Notifications.
  • Added “Extra Diplomacy Text” by Putmalk. Click for details.
  • Updated the Russian translation files. Thank you Dmitry!


  • The popup displays for captured cities even if the only option is to puppet (I’ve been trying to hide this, but hiding it only caused other problems).
  • The Dojo and Monastery check newly-acquired tiles to see if they contain resources enhanced by these buildings (previously these buildings only checked the turn they were built).
  • v.7 Fixed some obvious bugs with v.6.

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