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v106.9 Beta

Click Here to participate in the pre-game strategy discussion for September’s VEM Game of the Month!

If you are playing the beta versions, please start a game with v106.9 beta as soon as possible this week. Search for bugs and Click Here to report any you find. I want to get all bugs squashed for a general version release on Wednesday, and the start of the Game of the Month on Friday.

After Wednesday I expect to leave the mod mostly unchanged for several weeks, to let everyone play the GotM and get a feel for what might need changing after its conclusion.


  • The AI considers technologically advanced opponents with weak militaries more tempting war targets than before.
  • +10% vs Cities for Swordsmen.


  • 10 per empire (was 8).
  • 4 per city (was 3).
  • 5 per 5 population (was 4 per 5) (returned to vanilla).
  • *v.9 +1 for each Colosseum, Theater, and Stadium.
  • -20% cost for Workboats.


  • Ceremonial Rites: +3 in the Capital (was 0), and provides a Culture building in the oldest 3 cities (was 4). Click for details.
  • *v.9 Representation: +1 Happiness for each Connected city.
  • Liberty Finisher: Provides one Defense Building in each city.
  • Rearranged some effects in the Piety tree.
    • Piety: +5 Happiness.
    • Organized Religion: +1 for Monuments, Temples, and Monasteries. Surplus happiness adds to culture.
    • Mandate of Heaven: +1 for Monuments, Temples, and Monasteries.
    • Theocracy: +10% Gold from Temples (was 15), and +10% Science from Monasteries (was 0).
    • Free Religion: 1 free Policy, and -25% required for Golden Ages.
  • Humanism: +1 for Science Buildings (previously excluded Libraries).


  • Increased the cost of late-game technologies (from +0% in the Medieval era to +20% in the Modern era).


  • Adjusted placement of Atolls to improve coastal regions.


  • Fixed a bug preventing interaction with militaristic CS city banners.

One response

  1. seeklg

    The tooltips for Representation and Courthouse are inaccurate for v106.9. Rep claims 1 happiness on all happiness buildings (from v106.8) and courthouse uses the earlier happiness numbers (pre-106.8).

    September 7, 2011 at 8:56 am

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