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v108.2 Beta

108.1 beta had a small but critical bug fixed in 108.2 beta.


  • Conquest requires owning all capitals and 30% of the world’s land (was 0%). Details
  • 3 hp/turn healing in unowned territory (was 2). Details
  • AIs might pillage more. Details
  • Promotions. Details
    • Blitz is available after Cover 2 or Suppression 2 for melee units.
    • March is available after Volley or Siege for ranged units.
    • Helicopters have the same promotions as their precursor, Anti-Tank Guns.
  • Captured cities. Details
    • Cities with a Courthouse are identical to a self-founded city (unchanged).
    • Occupied: No unhappiness modifier (was +33%).
    • Puppets: -25% less than normal cities (was no modifier).
    • Puppets and Occupied: -25% yields and -1 per citizen.
  • Capturing cities demolishes these structures and no others. Details
    • Courthouses.
    • Defense buildings.
    • Gold buildings.
    • Factories and power plants.


  • Removed the 5-30% surplus food bonus for AIs on higher difficulty levels. Details
  • Increased the cost of early cultural border expansion in cities. Details
  • Reduced tile purchase costs by 20%.
  • Increased the purchase cost of Courthouses.
  • +6 Hospitals (was +15% food). Details


  • Mutual Open Borders: 1% of the combined gross of both players adds to your gold rate.
  • Research Agreements: 3% of the combined gross of both players adds to your science rate.
  • Declaration of Friendship: Increases income from Research Agreements and Mutual Open Borders with this leader by +50%. Details
  • Capturing a militaristic citystate gives rewards equal to 50 turns of alliance, like other citystates (was 30 turns of alliance).


  • +2 Food in cities with Landed Elite (was 20% surplus food). Details
  • +20% Surplus Food in cities with the Tradition finisher (was +15% base food). Details


  • Strategic resources favor militaristic citystates (were unaffected by citystates).
  • “Atolls” renamed to “Isles.”


  • Disabled combat animations. Details
  • The city view groups specialists by type (were grouped by building). Details
    (Contribution by Sneaks)
  • The city view displays the icon only for buildings with Empire Enhanced Mod addons.


  • Increased performance of some code, which might reduce turn times for some players.
  • Minutemen upgrade to Light Infantry as intended (not Riflemen).
  • The AI no longer builds Carriers (the AI does not station aircraft on Carriers).
  • Yield modifiers in puppet states now take effect immediately (was at the end of each turn).
  • Buildings that improve culture of resources no longer reset each time a save is loaded.
  • Notifications of newly acquired plots no longer reset each time a save is loaded.
  • VEM changes to policies now take effect after vanilla effects, instead of before.
  • Crossbow class units now have -2 ranged strength, as intended (was -2 melee strength).
  • “Dummy” buildings no longer show on the City View or Civilopedia: the governor’s mansion, Arabia trait effect, Commerce finisher effect, and “can build courthouse” trigger.
  • Citystate influence per turn now displays rounded number (visual change only).

One response

  1. ilya

    not sure where to post this, but there are two bugs I have noticed with build 108.2:

    1. unable to upgrade military units; in own territory, where otherwise I am able to upgrade in vanilla

    2. military city states do not provide military units, the popup UI element always shows a 0/16 turn progression status when hovering over the military city state

    September 16, 2011 at 8:33 pm

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