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v119 General Release

Unless any bugs are found between now and Friday, v119 will be used for Game 3 of the Game of the Month: VEM Edition.


  • Germany: Captured barbarian hordes cost 50% more to maintain than regular units.
  • Germany: -50% upgrade cost for Landsknecht (was -25%).


  • Scientific Method reveals Oil and Aluminum (was Chemistry, Electricity).

One response

  1. Intaka

    I’ll start off with the “you have to ask”s. I am only using your mod, with cache cleared after updating, of course. I always start a new game after a revision.

    The pentagon world wonder did not give all existing and subsequently built units march/repair in my v119 playthrough of a randomly generated game. In previous games this wonder’s functionality was working.

    Also the unified front policy of the order tree did not show up in the combat strength tooltips while attacking inside my own cultural border, but the himei castle world wonder buff was visible in the tooltip. Is the tooltip broken or the policy?

    As always, enjoying the VEM version. Cheers.

    November 2, 2011 at 6:04 pm

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