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GotVEM #2 Winners!

Here are the high scores for  GotVEM #2 – the top three for Hall of Fame high score, and the top three for fastest finish.  (GotVEM #2 allowed only a Domination Victory.)  Seek was the runner-up in both categories, and lindanealmck’s high score really stood out.

The winners are:

High Score:

  1. lindanealmck (7220)
  2. Seek (5602)
  3. redrover57 (5547)

Fastest Finish

  1. Gamewizard (205)
  2. Seek (217)
  3. redrover57 (231)
  • iWant921nooow and void_genesis also had scores that would have been in the top three, but had to restart their games.

~ Txurce


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