Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


I moved all language files into two “Text” folders (one for CiVUP and one for VEM). This consolidation should make translations easier. Click Here for details.


  • Increased the gold value of early barbarian units. This affects killing them with Professional Army (more revenue), and upgrading them as Germany (lower upgrade cost).


  • Increased likelihood of occurring.
  • Revised descriptions.


  • Korea: +2 for Specialists and Great Improvements (was 1).
  • Babylon: 7 Walls of Babylon (was 6).


  • Random events now hide the names of unmet players and cities.
  • Fixed typos in the “rare herbs” and “new mineral” event tooltips.
  • Fixed typo with the “neither time nor money” event tooltip.
  • The human and AI should now correctly have identical happiness and growth rates.
  • Policy costs should now be slightly lower in endgame, as was intended in v124.
  • Fixed a problem causing the AI to build incorrect units in some military situations.
  • Buildings destroyed by events can be rebuilt correctly.
  • Captured German barbarians now correctly start with 25% health, and cannot immediately attack.

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