Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


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  • Ancient Ruins upgrade Scouts to Levies (was Archer). Click for details.


  • +15 XP for naval units in the city with the Great Lighthouse (replaces free Great Merchant).
  • Colossus gives a free Great Merchant (replaces the +8).
  • Moved the free Great General from the Great Wall to Statue of Zeus.
  • Taj Mahal gives 4 GA points per turn (was 4 happiness).
  • 50% of vanilla cost for Great Wall, Himeji Castle, and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus (was 75%).
  • 100% of vanilla cost for Pyramids (was 75%).


  • Renamed from “events.”
  • Increased the cost to invest in an opportunity.
  • Can occur only once per tile.


  • Declaration of Friendship gives 200% rewards from research agreements and mutual open borders  (was 150%).


  • Changed the AutoTip icons for free items to more clearly distinguish between the types of freebies.
  • (Internal) Load and Save functions now accept formatting like string.format. Click for details.


  • Changed the mod project description.
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrectly high research agreement costs.
  • Opportunities no longer appear very early in the game.
  • Fixed a tooltip mistake with Walled Slums and Granary Growth stating option #3 gave +1 pop per turn. It’s a one-time bonus.
  • When only CiVUP is enabled:
    • Promotions correctly update for upgraded units who change melee/ranged status.
    • The Landed Elite +10% surplus food in the capital works correctly.
    • Yield from citystates is now hidden in the “from terrain” part of the yield tooltip, like in vanilla.

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