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v131.1 Beta

The following is a test of the Beta Broadcast System. This is only a test. If this had been a public release, it would have fewer bugs. This concludes this test of the Beta Broadcast System. 🙂

The main things tested in this beta are:

  • Redesigned the opportunity system – likely to have bugs. Click for details.
  • Made yields closer in value – might require balancing. Click for details.



  • Ships with Recon 2 move slower through ice. Click for details.


  • Several changes to make the primary yields approximately equal in value.
    • 1 per city tile (was 2) (added +1g per trade route to compensate).
    • Returned golden ages to vanilla duration and cost.
    • Reduced automatic late-game gold income from trade routes.
    • Scaled up income & expenses for science & culture by a factor of 2.
  • 90 Granary (was 120).
  • 120 Library (was 90).
  • 140 Colosseum (was 120).


  • Research Agreement costs are now directly proportional to tech costs in the current era.
    Overall this makes early RAs cost less, and late RAs cost much more.


  • Darius: Immortals now generate Golden Age points from combat, and have 8 (was 9).


  • Reorganized rewards so paid options exchange gold for a non-gold resource (like citystates do), and free options slightly raise gold per turn.


  • The Great Engineer hurry mission now displays the formula for how much production it awards in the city (300 + 30 * ). (Displaying the final value is difficult with our current modding tools.)
  • (Internal) Redesigned the code which runs opportunities.


  • Guided missiles and nuclear weapons now correctly have a maintenance cost.
  • Removed the artist slot from Gardens. Every specialist type should now have an identical number of buildings with slots, as originally intended.

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