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v131.15 Beta


  • Increased income from Great Scientists to match other science scaling done in v131.1.
  • Reduced the culture border expansion exponent to 1.3 (was 1.4).
  • Reduced the cost increase per tile purchased to 8 (was 10).
  • Returned the National Epic to +50% great person generation and 0% culture (was 25%, 25%).
  • Citystate borders expand 50% faster.


  • Capitals are no longer favored for citystate yield distribution (was 200% weight).


Based on results of the Fun Leaders poll.

  • Bismark: Captures land barbarians with any attacker (previously was land or sea, but required land vs land, sea vs sea).
  • Darius: +1 and +50% during Golden Ages (was +1 moves and +10% combat strength). Starts with an Immortal.
  • Gandhi: Starts with a Worker instead of a Warrior.
  • Harald: Embarked units move faster, ships get an extra attack, and melee units can pillage for free (was only first and last).
  • Hiawatha: +20% cost and +10% modifier Longhouse (cost & mod now equal to the Workshop it replaces).
  • Hiawatha: Starts with a Mohawk Warrior instead of a Warrior.
  • Isabella: Starts with a Scout instead of a Warrior, then gains a Caravel at Compass (was Scout+Trireme start).
  • Kame: 3 Moai Statues (was 2).
  • Nebu: Starts with a Bowman and receives a Great Scientist at Writing. 2 scientist slots in Walls of Babylon (replaces +50% great scientist creation rate).
  • Nobunaga: +2 Samurai.
  • Sejong: Starts with a Worker instead of a Warrior. Removed the +2 bonus from Great Improvements.
  • Suleiman: Starts with a Trireme, and captures sea barbarians (was a specialist bonus).
  • Wu Zetain: Starts with a Great General. (was 200% spawn rate)


  • Adjusted policies so Freedom focuses on large cities, and Autocracy on anger reduction. Click for details.
  • Halved the effect of Landed Elite’s bonus to border expansion.
  • Policies which increase specialist yields now provide a +2 bonus (was +1).


  • Increased cost of early-game research agreements, and reduced cost in late-game.


  • Designed a system for the AI to intelligently spend excess gold. Click for details.
  • AIs start with an extra archer for rush defense.


  • (Internal) Sorted functions in ThalsUtilities by base class (player/unit/city/etc).
  • Extra Diplomacy Text: renamed Declaration of Friendship to Alliance.


  • Compass and Archaeology now have the correct cost for techs of their columns.
  • Peace treaty text now correctly states the 20 turn duration.
  • Mandate of Heaven gives +1 to culture buildings, as intended.
  • The Freedom finisher no longer incorrectly raises the culture of landmarks.
  • Library tooltips show the correct yield from population.
  • Research Agreements now show cost and duration on the tooltip before placing it in the trade area.
  • The Pioneer Fort now correctly provides an engineer slot.
  • Fixed a tooltip bug for trade routes on the economic overview screen.
  • Aztec Jaguar healing promotion tooltip now indicates the correct value.

One response

  1. Dan Roach

    Did you disable the combat odds pop-ups? I no longer have it with this version.

    March 15, 2012 at 9:37 pm

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