Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v131.37 Beta


  • Reduced production costs 10%.
  • 20 base food cost to grow a city (was 15).
  • 20 XP Military Academy (was 15). Click for details.
  • 10 XP Barracks (was 15).


  • 1 per 50 turns in the ancient era (was 1 per 100).


  • Renamed:
    • Nationalism → Privileged Elite
    • Police State → Conscription
    • Autocracy → Nationalism


  • Reduced the cost of late game research agreements.


  • AIs should now upgrade their units more often.
  • Adjusted score calculations to bring culture victory scores closer to conquest victory scores. Click for details.


  • The “citystate quest” and “adopt policy” notifications display on the “next turn” button again. Click for details.


  • Renamed “Nuclear Submarine” to “Missile Sub.”
  • Natural wonder yields now match the yield scaling performed in v131.1.
  • Natural wonders which provide culture now show it from the start of the game, not only when they enter cultural borders.
  • The opportunity which upgrades a warrior/archer to a worker should now correctly give the worker +1 movement.
  • Fixed some bugs preventing AIs from spending their excess gold.

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