Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v131.47 Beta


  • Barbarians units upgrade in camps or at sea. Click for details.


  • Rebalanced the military training buildings. Click for details.
  • Reduced the cost of Harbors and Seaports.


  • Scout Savior (clickfor details):
    • Increased first reward to 30 (was 20).
    • Third reward duplicates the Scout (was +20% strength).


  • Cultural Diplomacy in Patronage gives 1 per citystate friend and 2 per ally (was 2/3).


  • The Palace now shows the VEM version number.
  • Fixed a bug preventing opportunities from working.
  • Fine-tuned the algorithm for AIs spending excess gold. Also, citystates can now use the algorithm to upgrade their units (I previously limited it to major civs because CSs have no preferences).
  • Mt Fuji and El Dorado should now correctly have culture.
  • Opportunity rate no longer goes faster on slower game speeds.
  • Possibly fixed a bug causing Oligarchy to give more experience than intended.

One response

  1. Arakus

    Atm. i play Civ 5 not often but i recieve you update letters and must say you make an awesome work! 🙂

    Think after the addon i will ply Civ 5 much more then now and i hope you will get the work on with the update.

    March 21, 2012 at 8:51 am

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