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v131.56 Beta


  • Fortified barbarians and barb ships slowly heal. Click for details.


  • Markets give 1 + 20% and +1 on Luxury Resources (was 1 + 25%, and 0 on luxuries).
  • Banks give 1 per pop (was 1 + 25%).
  • Stock Exchanges give 30% (was 1 + 25%).
  • National Treasury gives 5 +25% and +25% trade route income (was 5, 50%, 0).
  • Research Labs give +1 on water tiles.
  • Machu Picchu no longer increases trade income, but adds 5 food to the mountain (was 2).


  • Elizabeth: +30 XP for ships (was 15 and +2 movement). Click for details.
  • Harald: +2 movement on water, faster disembarkation, and free melee pillage.
    (was +1 movement, faster disembarkation, and free pillage)
  • Gandhi: War Elephants now replace Horsemen instead of Chariots.
  • Sejong: +1  Science from Farms. Click for details.
  • Sejong: Jade Hall gives 1 technology, and +2 for all specialists in all cities.
    (Unique national wonder which replaces the National College.)


  • Shifted the AI experience bonus more towards the early game.


  • Leaders protecting a citystate now display on the citystate window.


  • Opportunity tooltips match the intended rewards.
  • Opportunities which give happiness should work now.
  • Slightly delayed the appearance of a few barbarian units (such as swordsmen and caravels).
  • Fixed a bug causing Harald’s Jelling Stones to incorrectly have a per-city cost.

One response

  1. Torvald

    Great Job!

    Looks like lots of bug fixes and fun game tweaks.

    Am looking forward to installing the completed v132 tonight.

    March 23, 2012 at 3:48 pm

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