Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v137.5 Beta


  • Reduced AA-gun base strength and increased anti-air strength. Click for details.


  • Separated some early bonuses from the capital. Click for details.
  • 0 00 2 2 Palace (was 5, 5, 5, 5).
  • 5 15 3 per player (was 0, 0, 0).
  • 2 00 per city (was 1, 1)
  • 30 cost Scouts (was 40).
  • 60 cost Workers (was 80).
  • 60 cost Granary, Stable, Walls, and Barracks (was 90).
  • Stable: 1 and +10% for mounted units (was 0, 15%).
  • Observatory: 8 + 10% (was 0 + 50%).
  • 1% empire science rate per net happiness (was only in the capital).
  • Adjusted border expansion for smoother jumps in culture cost between expansions.
    Click for details.
  • Increased the base gold from using a Great Merchant to 200 (was 100).
  • Doubled the gold return when an opponent beats us to a World Wonder.
  • National wonders give 8 yield + 25% (was 3 + 50%).


  • v.4 Redesigned policy tree tooltips.
  • Collective Rule: Gives a free settler (was free settler +50% capital settler production).


  • The Granary, Pasture, and Mine opportunities unlock in the Ancient Era (was Medieval).


  • Techs known by many other civilizations now cost less.


  • Multiplied scores by 4.
  • Adjusted AI unit priorities. Click for details.
  • v.4 The AI no longer builds aircraft carriers. Click for details.
  • Increased AI bonuses on medium difficulties, and reduced bonuses.
    Click for details.
  • v.4 Start bonuses now depend on game speed.


  • The Dojo now matches the other recent changes to Barracks, as was intended.
  • Invisible strategic resources no longer add gold to barren desert tiles.
  • AIs allied with all known citystates will no longer purchase more CS influence.
  • Dead civs no longer show up on “Protected By” lists for citystates.
  • Replaced a few leftover “declaration of friendship” lines in diplomacy text with “ally.”
  • v.4 The trade screen no longer shows negative values for AIs very unwilling to trade gold per turn.
  • v.4 Fixed a bug causing the American Minuteman to not show up.
  • v.4 Separated the VEM gold updates (end of turn) from the science/culture updates (start of turn) for better aesthetics.
  • v.4 Gandhi’s trait growth alert displays only if he is the active human player.

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