Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • Artillery no longer obsolete.


  • 30 base cost to grow cities (was 20).


  • Oda: Samurai start with Blitz (was Shock and 200% great general rate), and +2 (was +3).


  • Swapped the the expansion and surplus effects in the Tradition tree.
  • Buffed the Tradition expansion effect. Click for details.
  • Oligarchy: +50% garrisoned city strength (was 100%).


  • Rebalanced several resource yields:
    • Wheat: +0 unimproved, +1 improved (was 1f, 0f).
    • Cows: +1 unimproved, +1 improved (was 1f, 1p).
    • Fish: +1 unimproved, +2 improved (was 1f, 1f+1g).


  • When an AI fails to spend excess gold, the AI retries other priorities instead of defaulting to a citystate bribe.
  • AIs in a citystate bribing war are increasingly likely to concede as influence levels rise, and focus on other priorities.
  • AIs no longer receive production and science bonuses. Click for details.


  • When two cities can purchase a tile for different costs, the lower cost is used, regardless of the currently selected city.
  • When we have over 60 with a CS and a rival has more, the X icon displays on the city banner and diplomacy list.


  • Clarified leader descriptions for Temujin and Isabella.
  • Fixed a bug involving the placement of 1 gold on tech-revealed strategic resources on barren desert terrain.

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