Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • v.3 Stables unlock with The Wheel (was Animal Husbandry).


  • v.3 The mine, pasture, and granary opportunities unlock at the Classical Era (was Ancient).


  • v.4 Legalism: +5 in the Capital (was +5 gold).


  • v.3 +10% for wonders with Marble (was 15%).
  • v.3 30 from chopping Forests (was 20).
  • v.3 Swapped the improved/unimproved yield bonuses for Whales and Pearls.


  • Added the AI starting workers back into the game, to assist production of world wonders.


  • Yields given by a citystate now display on the citystate window.
  • Moved the status icons on the Trade Opportunities panel to the left side of the list.
  • Viewing a citystate window centers the screen on that citystate.
  • The number of leaders we can propose a Research Agreement to now displays on the top bar’s trade information.
  • v.2 The trade opportunities screen shows the total gold each player has, instead of the gold they’re willing to trade.


  • Kame’s caravels should be able to cross ocean now, as intended.
  • Fixed a user-interface glitch preventing some gold per turn trades with AI leaders.
  • Fixed a bug causing sea oil to appear only on features (should have been never on features).
  • v.2 Rearranged the information on citystate popup windows to fit the frame better.

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