Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • Great Library: 0, 0.5/, 4 scientist points (was 6, 0, 6). Click for details.
  • Hanging Gardens: 2 4 4 artist points (was 3, 6, 1).
  • Circus and Circus Maximus unlock at Horseback Riding. Click for details.


  • 1 mines/quarries, and +1 with Iron Working (was 2, 0). Click for details.
  • Lumbermills require Iron Working (was Construction).
  • Moved the freshwater village bonus to Sailing (was Optics). Click for details.


  • Moved the “view citystate” feature to a button, instead of automatic.
  • Added a scrollbar to the description section of the World Wonder popup, so wonders with long descriptions don’t overflow the box.


  • Fixed a bug with naval unit promotions disappearing when upgraded.
  • Militaristic citystate export tooltips now detail their unit reward information correctly.
  • City-capture partisans and AI unit purchasing now exclude Scouts.
  • Fixed a problem with the vanilla “get capital city” in scenarios when the player has no Palace.
  • AI opinions should now display correctly on the Trade Opportunities screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing early AI yield bonuses to be much lower than intended.
  • Processes should now give their correct bonus to gold/science income.
  • AIs with negative gold rates now show up correctly on the Trade Opportunities screen.

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