Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • ±70 with Citystate Immigration opportunity (was ±50). Click for details.
  • Citystate opportunity costs no longer scale to game speed. Click for details.
  • Added four new opportunities created by Delgar. Click for details.
    • for : Currency Exchange
    • for : Diplomatic Incident
    • for : Scholastic Fame
    • or Levy : Scout Stories


  • Reduced several early AI bonuses.
  • The Statue of Zeus is now preferred by militaristic AIs, instead of peaceful AIs.


  • Trade Opportunities screen:
    • Lightened the blue color of allies.
    • Removed the color-coding for turns remaining on trade deals.


  • Possibly fixed a bug involving unintentionally high AI experience.
  • v.6 Actually fixed the sea-oil-on-features bug I thought I’d fixed a few versions ago.
  • v.6 Swapped the position of the View and Close buttons on the citystate window.
  • v.6 Fixed a typo causing the text file for opportunities to not load.
  • v.6 Single copies of imported resources no longer show as tradable on the Trade Opportunites screen.

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